Thursday, December 12, 2013

Hey. Hello. Hi.

Infront of the Fire
Angel in the snow
Herbs to dry
Holiday Tradition
Lunch Time
Side Table
Inside looking out
Winter lunch
I feel like there has been this long unspoken break that happened here in this spot. Thanksgiving has come and gone without a turkey or pie picture, in fact the whole month of November. It's very unlike me, which is exactly how I've been feeling lately. 
Not much on the craft work, not much about the shop, hardly any pictures being taken - except for the random photo that pops up on instagram. These months have been a juggling game with work, spending time with the family, taking care of the necessities, and sleep. Now I'm starting to carve into the days finding moments for myself. Small day trips. Working on small projects for friends and a future magazine feature (something I'm over the moon about). It's the most settled, secure, and proud of us I have felt in awhile. While a little piece of me may have gotten lost in the shuffle it's starting to return. 

Monday, October 28, 2013

October Happenings

Ship Salem Harbor
Pumpkin USA
Antiques of Salem
Witch House Sign
Lobster Mac & Cheese
Rainbow leaf
Tall Ship
Corny Kids
Casting a spell out to sea
Halloween Mantle
Cider Donut
Salem Gravestones
Salem Harbor
Among the leaves
Shadow Play
Gummy Bears
Witch House
Rose Hips
Three in a row
Corn Maze
We have really been out and about this October. Filling everyday off full of fall fun. We've taken a trip to a 6 acres corn maze, ate cider donuts, walked through old graveyards, went through an amazing path of carved pumpkins, and made magic wands in Salem. 
The leaves have put on quite a show last week, looking like they have all bursted into flames. Tired, they seem to be tumbling down, gathering around our feet to make rustling sounds in the wind. Halloween is right around the corner. We have our costumes and candy ready to hand out. 
November will be upon us shortly. I don't quite feel ready to give up fall this year. There is still so much I hope to get done before snow falls. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fall Without Color

No. 20
No. 35
No. 32
No. 33
No. 37
No. 36
No. 34
No. 31
No. 30
No. 28
No. 27
No. 25
Usually this time of year my photos are all about earthy natural fall leaves and their color. I've been noticing on my drives that more and more trees are changing into firey blossoms of color. We plan on celebrating fall properly with a trip to Salem, MA this weekend. But until then I leave you with some black and white of the children. They are losing teeth and growing inches faster than the seasons are changing.