Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sneak Peek

Here is a little sneak peek of the house before and afters. I plan on showing 3 stages when the house is complete - the before, the after, and the decorated. This is just a sneak peek as we are still working on it. Labor Day weekend will equal kitchen labor day for us.

Master Bedroom Before: 

Master Bedroom After: 

(sorry for the blurry - using my phone camera)

Yes there is still some small things to finish in this room. I still need to paint the heat register and the door but for the most part it is done - 1 down don't wanna count how many more to go. 

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Ikea: Our Love Hate Relationship

A few weeks ago I went to Ikea with my mom and the kids. This trip was suppose to be about planning out the kitchen in the new place, but what it turned into was grouchy fest!

Our closest Ikea is about an hour and 45 minutes away. Silly me thought that going there with the kids and getting back in time for hubby to go to work would not put a strain on my shopping experience. Oh was I wrong!

(My Ikea counter tops)

When you first walk into Ikea there are maps of the store and little pencils to write what you want to purchase (Hint: Any store that you need a MAP to find things is going to be trouble). Make sure to get a map. Being in tune with my testosterone side I stated "Map, I don't need no stickin' map". Boy did my double negative come back to haunt me. We needed the map 2 seconds later just to try to find out how to get in, since we couldn't go up the escalator with the cart (which was needed for Odyn) and no carts allowed in elevator.

Ikea has a kids room but I don't feel right just dropping my kids off in those kiddy rooms they are making in shopping land. Great for you if you can do this and feel at ease, I am not judging anyone here, but I personally don't feel comfortable with letting anyone but family watch my children. This is probably only because my mom works in the human service field or possibly because I don't trust people very easily, especially with my kids. Ikea has a kiddy room and I know why.

(My Ikea glass cabinet doors)

After pointing out the bathroom several times when we were trying to find a way in, Damien states 10 minutes in he needs to use the bathroom. Aries thought the rug room would be a great place to run. Odyn wanted to touch everything and anything. At about the 30 minute mark I wanted to leave and kids kept announcing  how hungry they were. Ikea does have food on site - oh good I thought. Now lets try getting there.

The food is either past the checkouts or up the escalator. Logical choice was past the checkout, but try getting there without a purchase. I turned to my mom with probably a look of panic stating we couldn't get out. Registers that are not in use have large metal gates to block off that isle and registers that were open had long lines. Oh Ikea!!!! They know what they are doing - buy something (insert evil laugh) or parish.

(Apron sinks)

When we did sit down to eat 99 cent hot dogs and sugary cinnamon buns all I could say is " I feel grouchy". I didn't even mention that while getting the food I couldn't find my debit card in my messy purse, in my head started accusing my husband of taking it, and an inconsiderate man in a red t-shirt stated " What's the hold up here" in a not so nice tone. I bit my tongue, used my moms debit card (found mine in my purse 10 seconds later), and apologized to my husband in my head.

I vowed to never go back to Ikea like that again.

Today I went to Ikea all by myself. I was on a mission and that mission had 2 things get counter tops and 3 cabinet doors. My mom had Odyn, the other children were in school, and dear hubby was working on the flooring in our master bedroom before going to sleep (he works nights).

When pulling in to Ikea I got a mini flashback but shook my head like an Etch-A-Sketch and it was gone. I made sure to park somewhere close to the loading zone. Before getting out of the car I flipped down the visor mirror, looked at myself, and repeated " You can do this! Get in get out.. GET IN GET OUT!" I walked with purpose to the door.

(Cheaper Ikea counter top and my glass cabinet doors)

I got a map and followed the arrows up the escalator. Tunnel vision is a very powerful thing to have when you are at Ikea. I felt like a horse that had blinders on because I walked straight to the kitchen section. It must have been a kitchen day today because the sales woman looked a little flustered trying to help us all out. She stated several times "I promise I will be right with you." to which I responded " No hurry I will wait, it's OK." and it was because I was in no hurry. 

While waiting I stopped flip flopping about 1 1/8" or 1 1/2" counter tops and their price difference. Normally I would have said it's only 3/8" difference and gone for the cheaper price but today I did not. This is because I was using my time wisely and saw that the cheaper one looked more like crapper block than butcher block. I gave myself a mental pat on the back and a go me. 

(My Ikea counter top)

While waiting for my turn I missed my opportunity and another shopper swooped in. That's OK because this little extra time made my jaw drop. Rob and I were talking the other night about our kitchen sink and how it doesn't really make sense to leave the old one with new counter tops if I want something new. I agreed but stated that I would probably have to settle because the one I really wanted, a farm house apron sink was out of our budget and the only apron sink that was in our budget was no longer on the Ikea website. 

(My Ikea Apron Sink)

It was finally my turn with the sales lady. I prayed that everything was in stock, would fit into my car, and that she wouldn't think I was too weird for holding my hands in prayer while talking with her. Not only did she not think I was weird but also helped me make sure I got the drain for my sink an the hinges for the doors. So much for making a list. 

Checkout this time was easy because I was buying something. The furniture pick up guy was nice when I stated I had to get my car to the loading area. I backed into the parking space with ease (to some this doesn't seem like a big thing but for me it's a miracle) and loaded everything. The sink is 75lbs or so I was told by both the furniture pick up guy and later my back. Everything fit and only because our back seats fold down. I quickly called hubby and mom to claim my Ikea victory. Today I won and loved Ikea. 

August: Book A Month Giveaway Reminder

I'm sure I don't need to remind anyone but incase I do.......

The Book A Month Giveaway
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Just click on over and leave a comment about your favorite book (if you haven't already done so). Feel free to share this giveaway news with everyone, cause we all know sharing is good.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

New House.... Before

OK so I am not going to sugar coat this, if you don't like faux wood panels, animal stained carpets, or self stick floor tiles as a back splash in your kitchen, then you are probably not going to like my before pictures.

Don't get me wrong the new place has LOTS of things I love about it. The old cast iron tub has really cool lines, the yard is a blessing, and the big windows (especially the one right above the kitchen sink) let so much light in. We just can't wait to show everyone what was hidden all this time.

We have done a majority of the demolition work this weekend. Remember when I stated " I can't wait to start painting", well I am over it already. Where is that magic paint elf? I like picking out the colors, seeing the rooms transform, and decorating. Painting would not be so bad if I wasn't a messy painter.

When making a quick stop at the grocery store after painting our master bedroom I was getting looks of horror. I was questioning why everyone was giving me such strange looks. Not wanting to waste anytime I didn't change out of my painting gear, which is a lovely pair of jeans that have ripped knees and my husbands bright blue t-shirt, I thought maybe this was the reason.

 Quickly, through the help of the cars visor mirror, I realized why the stares. My face had freckles made out of white ceiling paint, my neck looked like it was bitten by a paint vampire, and my hair was like Frankenstein's wife. I should just roll myself in paint and then roll myself against a wall .. it would really help save time by skipping a couple of steps.

So If I am not updating my blog as often it's more than likely that I am suffocating myself with paint fumes. These are just a few of the before pictures. I didn't want to overwhelm anyone.

I promise to post more of the yard that the kids keep wanting to play in. The evil weather here (raining everyday since Sunday) is stopping them from playing in the sandbox and is slowing the paint drying process.

Oh and if anyone did find that magic paint elf please send him our way ... I think he was using a GPS that told him to take a right when it meant left.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Princess dresser

We had to choose just the right knob...

and just the right fabric.....

and just the right paint....

to make Aries princess dresser!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

We are finally able to stop dreaming and start doing! We will be painting, planning, and decorating this weekend.
Here are a few of my inspiration rooms from Flickr:

I promise I will have before and afters of our new place. So let the painting begin :) !

Monday, August 16, 2010

Book A Month Giveaway

Aries would like to say something.......

One of my daughters very first words was book. Often times we will check up on her at night and she will be there surrounded by books fast asleep. She loves to read and so does everyone in our house. We each like different types of  books. 

So to celebrate back to school time and the love of reading I have decided to host a book a month giveaway.
You don't need to follow my blog (unless you want to) to enter. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post telling me what your favorite book is. Each month I will be featuring a different book.
This month's book will be ... drum roll please......

by Marilynne Robinson

Now I must warn that this book is anything but easy reading and there are mixed reviews of this book. I will let you make your own decision as I am not here to start controversy. 

The contest will be open till August 31st. Please remember to either link your comment with an account or leave your email (Please leave in format like this to reduce someone spamming you: email at hotmail dot com)

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tales from the Drama King

Today an ordinary daddy long leg spider was called an arachnid.
If you have a cut your limb is sure to fall off or you are going to bleed to death.
Tomatoes are poison! Don't eat anything that is called a "Veggie" "Vegetable" or if it grows from a "Garden".
When it rains there will be a tornado. Even though we live in Connecticut and not the mid-west.
Being asked to clean a room is torture. The mess can be made but full out spasms on the floor will happen if it is picked up.
There are only 3 channels on the television - Disney, Nick, and Cartoon Network. Watching anything else is like eating a "vegetable".
Questions are to be asked every minute of everyday and the same one several times a day.
Reading is great because it's like seeing into someones mind. You can figure out if mom is buying cookies or if she is secretly plotting something.
There should only be one thing someone worships and that is a computer.
There are magical animals out the window - specifically hound dogs that like to play together - this has nothing to do with the fact that a pet is wanted but mom HATES cats and this is why this will never happen - even owning a dog.
If you eat your food really fast you will not choke but you will get seconds only because no one in the house can eat as fast as you - it's even better if you can eat so fast mom hasn't had a chance to sit down or get a plate yet.
The word bejesus is funny - so is farting, puking, smells, and no pants.
Make sure to hop, skip, and jump on any furniture - coffee table, couches, beds, nothing is excluded.
Hearing a noise will get you out of bedtime 3 times but don't try it a 4th.
Make sure you are the last one to say something. An example is if you ask for something to be explained, after the explanation continue with your own explanation.
Flushing a toilet will cause it to overflow, not that this has ever happened but you know it will.
Everyone wants to hear about video games just start telling them about it - including the automated captain that likes to call the house phone.
When something happens no matter what it is make sure to yell. This is the only tone you have.
If any of this sounds familiar then you have a Drama King. In our house we call him Damien and we love him so. He keeps things interesting. He still lets you hug and kiss him, he still likes bedtime stories, and he still misses you when you are away even for a second.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Going to the fair

When life isn't treating you fair, get up and go to a fair. I can't say we are the happiest family right now, we are more moody and depressed than anything. To keep from spying, vengeful thoughts, and perhaps severe depression my mom and I decided to take the kids to our town fair.
The first thing we saw was large plastic aliens..letting us know we are in for an out of this world experience.
Then we decided to look at all the animals. Damien's favorite is the goats and they love him too! Odyn wasn't very sure of them. 
He decided to like them.
Looking at all the animals in cages made me realize how free we really are. Yes we feel a little caged at the moment but as one of my blogger friends stated today, this too shall pass (Thanks Anne).
The bunnies made me happy with their crazy big ears - they were listening to us.
At least we aren't having problems seeing our future like this guy.
Comfort food always helps. The kids wanted hot dogs, and the adults went for something more healthy - like a blooming onion - healthier right?
Life is giving us lemons right now but we are making lemonade out of it.
 This will not stop us from helping others.
We played games to help with our aggression. Plus they have really cool toys - BONUS!

The best part was seeing the kids happy. As much as this situation right now is making me a little crazy, and just ask everyone around me, it is - I am very grateful for what I do have. I have awesome children who say " WE love you mom" and give me hugs when they know I need them, a husband who stated just yesterday that he would do anything for me, a mom that understands that I am not quite myself lately, and in-laws that ask if there is anything they can do to help - just let them know.
This will make us stronger.
We are not laying down and giving up.
Thank you everyone for making us smile!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Barn Chick Blog Party

Brayton Homestead Interiors is holding a Barn Chick Blog Party. I thought this would be fun and easy enough since I live in farm country. Why don't you pull up a seat and enjoy.
 While taking pictures I notice there are more barns then houses in this town. It even looks like some barns were turned into houses. They can't say "Hey don't leave the door open does it look like we live in a barn?"
Do you love barns the way I do? *Confession* I let the kids watch the movie Charlotte's Web when ever they want because I love looking at the barn in that movie.
Red barns are so classic. They always have hammered black door hinges and white trim. Shabby chic barns have chipping white paint and hints of green trim. I want this kind of barn.
Where we are moving to has a barn in the back side yard. I have big plans for that barn. Sorry can't share it's a secret ...but a good secret that someday I will share.
Barns are filled with the smell of fresh hay and animal laughter. Animals laugh - you should hear my mom's ducks. They always say "HA HA HA" while we walk up the road. I still don't know what is so funny to them.
Do you know why there are a bunch of movies that depict the romantic scene of a couple running to get out of the rain and end up in a barn? If you have ever stood in a barn, when rain drops started to splash on its tin roof, you would understand. It's magical.
Barns have that sweet rustic appeal with their old beams and rusted hinges. I bet if barns could talk they would have wonderful old stories to tell about farmers that have long passed or how children play hide and seek in them. 
If you ever get a chance, please stand inside a barn and look up. You will see the most amazing architecture. Just think there have been barn raising parties for years. Do people still have them?
Well I hope you enjoyed my barn pictures - If you would like more barn goodness please visit the other Barn Chick Blog Party members :)