Friday, August 6, 2010

Barn Chick Blog Party

Brayton Homestead Interiors is holding a Barn Chick Blog Party. I thought this would be fun and easy enough since I live in farm country. Why don't you pull up a seat and enjoy.
 While taking pictures I notice there are more barns then houses in this town. It even looks like some barns were turned into houses. They can't say "Hey don't leave the door open does it look like we live in a barn?"
Do you love barns the way I do? *Confession* I let the kids watch the movie Charlotte's Web when ever they want because I love looking at the barn in that movie.
Red barns are so classic. They always have hammered black door hinges and white trim. Shabby chic barns have chipping white paint and hints of green trim. I want this kind of barn.
Where we are moving to has a barn in the back side yard. I have big plans for that barn. Sorry can't share it's a secret ...but a good secret that someday I will share.
Barns are filled with the smell of fresh hay and animal laughter. Animals laugh - you should hear my mom's ducks. They always say "HA HA HA" while we walk up the road. I still don't know what is so funny to them.
Do you know why there are a bunch of movies that depict the romantic scene of a couple running to get out of the rain and end up in a barn? If you have ever stood in a barn, when rain drops started to splash on its tin roof, you would understand. It's magical.
Barns have that sweet rustic appeal with their old beams and rusted hinges. I bet if barns could talk they would have wonderful old stories to tell about farmers that have long passed or how children play hide and seek in them. 
If you ever get a chance, please stand inside a barn and look up. You will see the most amazing architecture. Just think there have been barn raising parties for years. Do people still have them?
Well I hope you enjoyed my barn pictures - If you would like more barn goodness please visit the other Barn Chick Blog Party members :)


Linda said...

Lovely post and great photos! We used to have a tin roof over our porch~ it was AMAZING how loud the rain sounded in a downpour! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your nice comment~ I am a new follower!

janet said...

Great photos and I LOVE your narration ;-). Have a lovely weekend.
Janet xox

Kelly said...

Great post!! I watch Charlottes Web-I watch the movie because of the barn too but moreso because I want a pet pig!!! (Can't convince hubby though...)

Julie Marie said...

Love all your beautiful barns! Yes, I always look up when I am in a barn and am in awe of the architecture... also love the sound of rain on an old tin roof... how cute the ducks are laughing... they are happy!... thanks for sharing... so excited for you getting your own barn soon! xoxo Julie Marie

Olive Cooper said...

You have terrific barns. I especillay like white chippy ones also. Thanks for visiting me. hugs♥olive

Carol Bender said...

I am proud and in AWE! LOVE ya, MOM

Sandi said...

...*If you have ever stood in a barn, when rain drops started to splash on its tin roof, you would understand. It's magical*...
LOVE THIS LINE...sounds like it is right out of a movie. Love your barns too! Beautiful pix!!

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

how fantastic!! the pictures- the stories- the images of being in the rain- watching movies- LOVE!! you outdid yourself. Cannot wait to hear more about your secret.
thanks BARN CHICK!!!


DogsMom said...

Thanks for showcasing different styles of barns. Aren't barns amazing in their variety?
Our barn roof leaks, so it is a game to stay dry inside during a downpour.
Can you guess what our next major imporvement will be? Would love to do it barn raising style.

Rebecca said...

Some great ole barn pic-thanks for sharing-I'm a barn chick too-glad to meet you!

hook and needle said...

I would love to have a barn, or at least access to a barn so I could visit one regularly. Great post!

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

I love your quote of "animal laughter" it makes me smile!


Vicki said...

Hi, Amanda,
All of the barns you have shown us are very charming and romantic, loved everything about them. I love the way rain sounds on a metal roof, and I am sure these barns could tell us quite a few tales. Have a happy weekend and thank you for stopping by to visit me~Vicki