Friday, August 27, 2010

Ikea: Our Love Hate Relationship

A few weeks ago I went to Ikea with my mom and the kids. This trip was suppose to be about planning out the kitchen in the new place, but what it turned into was grouchy fest!

Our closest Ikea is about an hour and 45 minutes away. Silly me thought that going there with the kids and getting back in time for hubby to go to work would not put a strain on my shopping experience. Oh was I wrong!

(My Ikea counter tops)

When you first walk into Ikea there are maps of the store and little pencils to write what you want to purchase (Hint: Any store that you need a MAP to find things is going to be trouble). Make sure to get a map. Being in tune with my testosterone side I stated "Map, I don't need no stickin' map". Boy did my double negative come back to haunt me. We needed the map 2 seconds later just to try to find out how to get in, since we couldn't go up the escalator with the cart (which was needed for Odyn) and no carts allowed in elevator.

Ikea has a kids room but I don't feel right just dropping my kids off in those kiddy rooms they are making in shopping land. Great for you if you can do this and feel at ease, I am not judging anyone here, but I personally don't feel comfortable with letting anyone but family watch my children. This is probably only because my mom works in the human service field or possibly because I don't trust people very easily, especially with my kids. Ikea has a kiddy room and I know why.

(My Ikea glass cabinet doors)

After pointing out the bathroom several times when we were trying to find a way in, Damien states 10 minutes in he needs to use the bathroom. Aries thought the rug room would be a great place to run. Odyn wanted to touch everything and anything. At about the 30 minute mark I wanted to leave and kids kept announcing  how hungry they were. Ikea does have food on site - oh good I thought. Now lets try getting there.

The food is either past the checkouts or up the escalator. Logical choice was past the checkout, but try getting there without a purchase. I turned to my mom with probably a look of panic stating we couldn't get out. Registers that are not in use have large metal gates to block off that isle and registers that were open had long lines. Oh Ikea!!!! They know what they are doing - buy something (insert evil laugh) or parish.

(Apron sinks)

When we did sit down to eat 99 cent hot dogs and sugary cinnamon buns all I could say is " I feel grouchy". I didn't even mention that while getting the food I couldn't find my debit card in my messy purse, in my head started accusing my husband of taking it, and an inconsiderate man in a red t-shirt stated " What's the hold up here" in a not so nice tone. I bit my tongue, used my moms debit card (found mine in my purse 10 seconds later), and apologized to my husband in my head.

I vowed to never go back to Ikea like that again.

Today I went to Ikea all by myself. I was on a mission and that mission had 2 things get counter tops and 3 cabinet doors. My mom had Odyn, the other children were in school, and dear hubby was working on the flooring in our master bedroom before going to sleep (he works nights).

When pulling in to Ikea I got a mini flashback but shook my head like an Etch-A-Sketch and it was gone. I made sure to park somewhere close to the loading zone. Before getting out of the car I flipped down the visor mirror, looked at myself, and repeated " You can do this! Get in get out.. GET IN GET OUT!" I walked with purpose to the door.

(Cheaper Ikea counter top and my glass cabinet doors)

I got a map and followed the arrows up the escalator. Tunnel vision is a very powerful thing to have when you are at Ikea. I felt like a horse that had blinders on because I walked straight to the kitchen section. It must have been a kitchen day today because the sales woman looked a little flustered trying to help us all out. She stated several times "I promise I will be right with you." to which I responded " No hurry I will wait, it's OK." and it was because I was in no hurry. 

While waiting I stopped flip flopping about 1 1/8" or 1 1/2" counter tops and their price difference. Normally I would have said it's only 3/8" difference and gone for the cheaper price but today I did not. This is because I was using my time wisely and saw that the cheaper one looked more like crapper block than butcher block. I gave myself a mental pat on the back and a go me. 

(My Ikea counter top)

While waiting for my turn I missed my opportunity and another shopper swooped in. That's OK because this little extra time made my jaw drop. Rob and I were talking the other night about our kitchen sink and how it doesn't really make sense to leave the old one with new counter tops if I want something new. I agreed but stated that I would probably have to settle because the one I really wanted, a farm house apron sink was out of our budget and the only apron sink that was in our budget was no longer on the Ikea website. 

(My Ikea Apron Sink)

It was finally my turn with the sales lady. I prayed that everything was in stock, would fit into my car, and that she wouldn't think I was too weird for holding my hands in prayer while talking with her. Not only did she not think I was weird but also helped me make sure I got the drain for my sink an the hinges for the doors. So much for making a list. 

Checkout this time was easy because I was buying something. The furniture pick up guy was nice when I stated I had to get my car to the loading area. I backed into the parking space with ease (to some this doesn't seem like a big thing but for me it's a miracle) and loaded everything. The sink is 75lbs or so I was told by both the furniture pick up guy and later my back. Everything fit and only because our back seats fold down. I quickly called hubby and mom to claim my Ikea victory. Today I won and loved Ikea. 


Carol Bender said...

My eyes watered up, funny stuff.

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

IKEA is definitely a world unto itself. I got lost there several times myself!

katie jean said...

I'm glad that your day ended with a victory!! And that is the exact kitchen sink that I want too :D