Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Trash or Treasure?

I have a little secret that I have been keeping from all of you.
It looks a little like this...

(Vintage paint by number paintings... going in dining area)

And something like this.....

(Mixed match plates...I won't care if someone breaks one)

But who wouldn't have secrets like this if they could get this...

(Old medicine cabinet with old glass door .. $5 at flea market)

We are changing a few things while we move this month. The large old crate in the top picture will be our new coffee table and in the same picture the lamp base will be painted and shabby chic-a-fied.

Aries wants this in her new room....

(Tent from the movie "The Holiday")

I want that in my bedroom. I think Rob would have a problem with that though. Thrift stores are helping this tent dream come true.

(The curtains with the ribbon & crochet edging are going to be part of THE tent)

The hobnail lamp is going in our powder room, that sounds more chic than saying the bathroom. Miss Aries is getting the lamp with the flowers in her room, next to the tent. First question was "Where is the heart shade?" (please reference the lamp in the tent picture) Does she want her room to be the exact same room? I think I may need to hire the set designers!

My secret is almost over ...

(Tarnished silver plated platter for living room coffee table)

Some may think this is trash and some may think this is treasure (cause it is) but wait to judge till you see our before and after pictures of our new place. I guarantee you will want to go treasure hunting with me afterwards!


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Girls !!!! They know exactly what they want, don't they ?!
Vivienne x

Michael - Innkeeper said...

Oh, look at all your treasures. i see the magic hidden in all of them. especially that medicine cabinet! love them all!

janet said...

you are a gal after my own heart...I love trashy treasures!!!

Janet xox

DogsMom said...

Fun Stuff!