Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Going to the fair

When life isn't treating you fair, get up and go to a fair. I can't say we are the happiest family right now, we are more moody and depressed than anything. To keep from spying, vengeful thoughts, and perhaps severe depression my mom and I decided to take the kids to our town fair.
The first thing we saw was large plastic aliens..letting us know we are in for an out of this world experience.
Then we decided to look at all the animals. Damien's favorite is the goats and they love him too! Odyn wasn't very sure of them. 
He decided to like them.
Looking at all the animals in cages made me realize how free we really are. Yes we feel a little caged at the moment but as one of my blogger friends stated today, this too shall pass (Thanks Anne).
The bunnies made me happy with their crazy big ears - they were listening to us.
At least we aren't having problems seeing our future like this guy.
Comfort food always helps. The kids wanted hot dogs, and the adults went for something more healthy - like a blooming onion - healthier right?
Life is giving us lemons right now but we are making lemonade out of it.
 This will not stop us from helping others.
We played games to help with our aggression. Plus they have really cool toys - BONUS!

The best part was seeing the kids happy. As much as this situation right now is making me a little crazy, and just ask everyone around me, it is - I am very grateful for what I do have. I have awesome children who say " WE love you mom" and give me hugs when they know I need them, a husband who stated just yesterday that he would do anything for me, a mom that understands that I am not quite myself lately, and in-laws that ask if there is anything they can do to help - just let them know.
This will make us stronger.
We are not laying down and giving up.
Thank you everyone for making us smile!


Carol Bender said...

I woke up this morning hoping that you wrote a new blog. This must be my lucky day! LOVE U

hook and needle said...

I hope everything gets better soon for you!

Melissa said...

Hope things get better soon. It looks like you did have a good time at the fair. :)c