Wednesday, September 22, 2010

We are here, We are here, We are here!

We are here in the new place. It's been a very LONG weekend! Boxes are everywhere but it's a great feeling. I don't mind that my kitchen is half finished (I know we will get to it), that we didn't have hot water for a day or two, or the fact I got a horrible cold on the second day of the move. I know what is important and what makes a home... it's your family!

So today to celebrate everyones hard work and to say a big THANK YOU, I made a chocolate cake. Nothing fancy, just a regular boxed chocolate cake with store bought frosting. The kids said thank you with smiles. My mom and uncle said thank you with silly pictures on Facebook. My husband said thank you in person.

I know that I am saying thank you right now to the person who invented the dishwasher. I have never lived in a place that has had a dishwasher. Rob and I agree it has been the best thing we bought for our new place. Seriously, this invention saved me a good hour today - with 5 people in the house dishes really pile up fast.

Tomorrow I am hanging up curtains in the kids room and working on more boxes. I do have one question for all my blogging friends ... What color should I paint my new studio/craft room? It is right off the kitchen, that once painted is going to be light yellow with white cabinets - the floor will be white and jade green and as you can see from the chair in the first picture have hints of turquoise and red (also that large glass cabinet in the background holds all my fabric in my studio). So what color will be inspiring but work with my cottage vintage kitchen?


Carol Bender said...

Green is an inspirational color for me. What is your inspiration color?

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for your new home! :)
Vivienne x

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Yay, I'll bet it feels SO good to be in finally!
And that cake looks yummy. :-)

Have a great Tuesday!

O. said...

Looks delish! Amazing kitchen faucet by the way