Monday, October 18, 2010

Johnathan Trumbull turned 300

This weekend I made a cake for a cake decorating contest celebrating Johnathan Trumbull's 300th birthday. The   cakes had to be  a colonial or revolutionary theme. This is what I pondered about for a 2 weeks. Dear hubby suggested the Boston tea party ... but trying to get that on an 8" cake was going to be near impossible.

I decided to do a colonial flag, make the writing on the top of the cake look like a cross stitch sampler, and do some nice swags around the cake with stars. Of course all this decorating had to be done when the monkeys in the house were sleeping. When the finished product was on our dining room table, I was covered in flour and my kitchen was a bit disheveled.

The other contestants cakes were amazing. I had some tough competition!!! It was nice to meet other woman from town that have the same creative crafty minds as me.

Here are the cakes from the contestants:
(This cake was done by Karen Davis and took 1st place)
(This is Madison's cake, she's 12, and her cake took 2nd)
(My cake which I was lucky enough to get 3rd place)

Runners up:

I know the people voting must have had a hard decision. There were a lot of comments like "How could I eat this?!" or " I don't think I could cut into something this beautiful!". What was great was that anyone who voted had a chance to win one of the cakes to take home. I hope the man who won mine, finds it just as yummy as it was beautiful.


Anonymous said...

What great cakes!
Congratulations to you on getting 3rd place and really well done to Madison on her excellent cake!
Vivienne x

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Your cake looks wonderful!
I've alwasy wished I knew how to do that, it's such an art. :-)


Anonymous said...

Your cake looks fantastic! I'm with Anne... wish I knew how to do that. Great job! :)