Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Winter Brings Out

Simply Winter Nature
Ornament Swap Inbound
Ornament Swap Inbound Bird
This weekend I had plans to do so much more and get more accomplished. It's always seems that way around this time of year. After a day of shopping with my mom, to which I still didn't get too much holiday shopping done, I went to her home and gathered some very rustic nature provided materials to work on a wreath for our side door. But I found myself using some of it to decorate the mantel in the dining room. Woodland, birds, rustic, simple - perfect. 
I also received the most perfect parcel in the mail the other day. My ornament swap partner, Erin, sent me some rather beautiful ornaments. The fluttery red and white paper handmade one is from a vendor she sees at the craft fairs every winter ( love supporting the handmade community). The twine bird is from her favorite little gift shop, and I can see why it's her favorite. Oh thank you Erin!! 
The host of the swap also received her cute little surprise handmade ornament I made for her and her baby Felix, so now I can show them off. Red snowflake cross stitch, hung in a small hoop, with a sequined scattered star for a Christmas wish. Felix's first Christmas ♥. I haven't done cross stitch for a very very long time - but winter brings out knitting and cross stitch. 


Anonymous said...

Your little cross stitch is so pretty and I love that twine bird ~ gorgeous. :)

Micaela said...

Amanda, my most favorite ornaments are from you. It means so much to me that you took the time to make Felix such a special ornament on her first Christmas <3 We will forever cherish it. It looks magical with twinkle lights behind it.

I know i've said it before but i was so excited to pair you and Erin up -- two of my favorite girls.

how sweet is that twine bird? and i love that fluttery ornament (what a perfect description btw). Handmade is better than anything store bought for sure.

XOXO love you my sweet vintage soul sister.

Erin {pughs' news} said...

You're welcome! So happy that you like the things I chose. They look just right in your festive living room!


Carol said...

Lovely Felix ornament which I'm sure will be treasured. I do agree Christmas brings out the cross stitch itch.
Lovely decorations, the twine bird is stunning.
Carol xx

Jenniffer said...

I love seeing all the Christmas-y bits in your home. Lovely ornaments and cross stitch! :)

Gina Norman said...

I missed out on the ornament swap this year but hope to join in next year!

What cute showings around your house:)