Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Daughter's Floor Before
Boys Floors Before
The best way to describe our home right now is a work zone. Unexpected surprises that come with an older home, like needing a generator to run the sander or the option to not have any other thing turned on. There has been lots of entertaining the little ones. Coloring on large sheets of paper, playing dress up with make up, and shadow silhouettes. Working on the kids rooms first, there are a large number of beds in the master bedroom - along with clothing, toys, and randomness. 
We are hanging up new paint chips in the hallway and getting excited to see the after. That may take awhile, as we are very much in the before right now. In the middle of all this, I keep having this thought of sewing a quilt. Something new. So far it's just a thought. Think I can keep it there? Just for now?


Jenniffer said...

Sounds like you need a special sewing project just to balance out all the home improvement.
Your plight in the 'work zone' is very familiar in our family as well. Hang in there!

vintage grey said...

A very sweet home, and I look forward to seeing your pretty touches! xo Heather

a view from a brown dog said...

Why not a little sewing project to help ease the "work zone". You guys have such exciting stuff going on over there, looking forward to seeing how it progresses.