Wednesday, May 22, 2013

List Making Months

Hello Onyx
Umbrella Girl
Flower Basket
Over Light
Single Pink Flower
The spring rain has made it's arrival. Sprinkling throughout the day, then full on hazy hot humid sun. This is the kind of weather that makes me forgetful, so much so that it just took me a full minute to think of the word. House plants have been neglected of water and even had to regretfully be thrown out. Paleo eating has been put on the back burner for awhile, and then picked up again. Books have been left half read, a quilt has been started with no pictures, a photography course is half over and not written about. This space has been hit the hardest, along with time for myself. 
I wake up with the thoughts of capturing a minute here and there for sewing or drawing. When I get home at night and the magical golden hour of sun is hitting I try to grab my camera. But it's hard to remember. It starts off slowly, the "I will do it later" or the "I'm not in the mood". Then you find you haven't done anything creative - no finished work to show, only the lists of what you wanted to do. While the inspiration and the thoughts are there, they seem to always be left for the next day.
Every year there seems to be a month or two like this for me. My list making months. 


Acorn to Oak said...

Fun photos!

I totally understand...I'm in that same spot often. I have so much I want to do and often get nothing done because I just don't know where to start or other things get in the way. I'm trying so hard to get productive again and start blogging more regularly too. I want to cross more off of my list. Good luck with your list. :-)

vintage grey said...

Beautiful photos and we definitely all have those weeks and months! Wishing you a sweet day! xo Heather

September Violets said...

You are not alone ... for me I know it's when the good weather finally arrives and I want nothing better than to be outdoors. Indoor things get put by the wayside (housework & crafting). Your photos are lovely and cheery, and it looks like you're enjoying the right things for this moment (family & outdoors!). Enjoy! Wendy

Jenniffer said...

Well said.
I seem to be there myself every summertime. Good intentions and that's about all. :)

Anonymous said...

I can relate - love your pics! :-)