Monday, February 24, 2014

Almost Past the Birthday Hurdle

We have celebrated two out of the three birthdays that happen this time of year. Aries' had a sprinkle party and invited classmates to help crack open a pinata. That was the only thing she asked for this year. A giant pinata filled with candy. 
Damien's party was more low key. Must be this new age of 11. A simple chocolate cake with chocolate frosting - no balloons, no decorations - just no fuss. He had a separate sleepover party with a friend that happened to fall on a giant snow storm here. But one friend was still able to make it, we braved the snow and went out for Hibachi, played video games, and laughed way too long into the night.
One last birthday boy to go. Which in our house marks the beginning of spring. The birds are starting to chirp, the lake at the park is starting to crack, and we are starting to see more light at the end of our days. This seems to be the most dreariest of winters. Every other day there is snow, which is magical when it falls as long as you have no plans to go anywhere. I can't wait to feel that spring motivation! It's almost here ...that last birthday.. that last hurdle....the last push to spring. 


Lola Nova said...

Happy Birthday to all of your littles! My Mr. has his today though we celebrated over the weekend. My girl is on the cusp of 9 in 2 weeks. As I have been visiting blogland today, it seems many of us are dreaming of Spring. I too wrote about it :) Your house is looking wonderful!

jabbott said...

Looks like your kids all had lovely birthdays x