Sunday, June 8, 2014

Spring into Changes

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It always seems like this time of year. The beginning of June that bring on the most changes. Call it the pollen in the air or maybe a spring itch but it's refreshing. I made a huge decision, one that I didn't even think I would make. It came about with a huge pro and cons list and much personal struggle. 
A couple of posts ago I mentioned how my days off were only Wednesday and Sunday - and that just didn't seem like enough. Enough time with my children, who grow with every blink. Stress was building and sitting on my shoulders every night I came home. I found myself walking in the door frustrated and not being able to leave my day job where it belonged.
An opportunity came to work at a place that would give me 4 days off in a row, less hours, a pay cut for myself (but a large raise for my husband was in the very near future), and a night time shift. I passed it down. It didn't have a title or prestige that my current job had and the atmosphere was one I'm not use to. Plus I didn't want to go backwards in pay. Like everything that is meant to be, it came back to me again - on a day that I cried at work.
For a moment I actually thought about turning it down again. 
Was a title worth more than my happiness? That small difference in pay worth more than my family? Had I really changed that much? 
I woke up and took it! 
Now there are plans for beach days, diving deeper into pottery, more pictures to be taken, and a smile again.


Eric R Bender said...

Beautiful in every way. I'm so happy for you.

Jenniffer said...

I am happy you felt ready to take that job and I hope it goes well for you!