Tuesday, September 2, 2014


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This weekend, hot muggy sticky in all it's glory seemed to go by at just the right pace. It's really truly the beginning of school, even though the children did start last Wednesday - it's the start of the homework, and lessons. We have gotten ourselves back on track with scheduled bedtimes. There is plotting of time when all three children will at school and there is quite moments at home to start projects.
I'm trying to challenge myself to get back into making or working on something every night. Just to carve an hour or two out for myself. It's harder than I thought, especially when it use to be my norm. 
Recently the lovely people at Better Homes and Gardens featured me in their Holiday Crafts Magazine. I am so honored! Not only am I flattered to be featured with some many wonderful designers, it also gave me the inspiration and push I needed to keep making. So if you ever wondered how to make my Snowflake Garland here is your chance. The magazine features the step by step pattern in it. So look for it on shelves now...hopefully it will inspire you too. 

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Jenniffer said...

Congrats Amanda! That is super terrific news! I love the magazine picture! :)

Hope the new rhythms give you what you need . . .