Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Many Reasons To Be Thankful

Thanks Table
Centerpiece of Thanks
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Gravy Pitcher Pottery
Thanksgiving by the fireplace
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Christmas 2014
Hot Cocoa
It's a little late for a Thanksgiving post but I had to share what our feast looked like. Pottery pieces all made by myself were scattered about the table. Herbs from the garden were clipped for the last time this year, and proudly displayed in the center of table. The kids kept running back and forth from the kitchen to the living room, sometimes helping me measure ingredients for the sides. Our oven decided to fail about a week before the actual meal, so this year my mom made all the oven related food - including the big turkey. There was lots of mashing up the sides on our end and some how, some way it all came out picture perfect, even better than expected. 
The day after, we started putting up our Christmas tree and put mason jars with tea lights in the windows. It's not your typical New England winter here, as we have yet to see more than a small dusting of snow, but when it does finally arrive I want our house to have the look of a cozy little cottage on the hill. Books raise the mason jars in the windows, and the tree was put in the dining room so people driving by can see the twinkling lights. Nothing but white lights. In fact if I could fill the whole house with them I would. 
This year we gave thanks to opportunities that were new or ones that would soon come, our family - we always feel so blessed to have happy chattery children that make this house come alive, and our home. We love this castle on the hill and when there was even a thought this year that we might have to leave the area, our hearts were sad. The opportunities that we were waiting on have arrived, so that idea is long gone, another thing we are thankful for. 
Now we are off collecting nature to make wreaths for our doors and drying fruit to make garland. I'm still working on my cross stitch, pottery pieces, and other crafty bits. Holidays are just around the corner!  

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Jenniffer said...

I'm so happy to hear new opportunities have risen . . . thank you for sharing your thankful heart. :)