Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Wreaths and Dried Fruit

Yule Wreath
Holiday Wreath
Dried Fruit Garland
Star wreath
O Christmas Tree
Topaz my familiar
Window Door Wreath
Natural Sun Catchers
I feel an onset of a chest cold kicking in but we aren't going to talk about it because I'm in denial. Partly because it's so close to the holidays and simply ... I don't want it! At least the house is all festive with all our handmade goods. 
Last weekend I went to my mothers house and gathered all the woodland items I could find. Pine cones, sticks, pine tree branches, grapevine... really an over abundance of items. The kids played while we made wreaths and drank hot cocoa. It was a really great way to spend the day. Funny thing is the window wreath with the bird was made twice, 
When leaving my moms, I packed the Jeep very carefully and got the kids all buckled. The wreath made it home all safe and sound - I joked about putting a bird on it, which I promptly did when I got home. Dear hubby helped me hang it on our door - all was well. The next day on the way home from a family outing the door closed and the wreath was bumped swiftly causing it to fall into pieces. Less than 24 hours was the first ones total time alive. We put the pieces on the table, I didn't have the heart to tackle putting it back together right then. A couple of days later, with the help from my instagram picture, I managed to hot glue it all back together. A true Christmas miracle!
This year we decided to celebrate both Yule and Christmas. The kids are excited to learn new traditions, as well as celebrating with the ones we already established. We dried fruit and strung it up in the windows, as natural sun catchers. Lavender, that was the last of our gardens harvest and this years Thanksgiving centerpiece, was mixed with mint and dried fruit to make a potpourri. We've complied a nice mix of songs to play on the night of winter solstice. There are gifts ready to be wrapped and put under the tree for Christmas, The kids have already made Christmas cookies and open their advent calendars full of chocolate every morning. The mischief filled Elf is back in our house - he even scanned himself with my printer for the kids to find. 
What tradition are you planning this year? Any new or old favorites? I love how everyone celebrates a little different this time of year ...but it's still all about the same thing. Spending time with family, loved ones, and bringing joy to others. 

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