Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

Would you really be shocked if I said more bags? No?! I didn't think so. That really has been what I have been working on for handmade items. Ideas for the second of the Doodle Embroidery Quilt Blocks is floating around there too. I'll be sewing away and then need to stop, write down my idea, and then continue sewing. 
Sometimes though the thoughts inside my head at not always positive. Self doubt often creeps in and this very annoying little voice says "Why are you wasting your time, do you think anyone is really going to buy any of this?" You know that horrible hater that lives inside all of us. The one that makes you stop before you start, the one that makes you think of the what if's in life,  and the one that tells you that you really don't look as good as you think you do. I hate her.
Well she got put in her place last night. There are enough haters, doubters, and saboteurs out there already I sure don't want to listen to the one inside my head. Instead I made my pleating bags and a list of must do's:
  • Make a tangible banner for shop
  • Make a free bag pattern for all those lovely followers of mine
  • Take more pictures of vintage treasures for shop
  • Weed the garden - it's over due
  • Plan a day at the beach
So that is my list. I have to say it is far better sounding than the evil nonbeliever. Don't let your inner dream crusher get you down - Whatcha working on this Wednesday?


Eileen {bluebirdluxe} said...

Yep, no such thing as too many bags! :) and I think your annoying inner voice is bff with my annoying inner voice! Ahhh, Wednesday! I'm off work today and I'm finishing up my quilting bee block! I'm adding a little hoop art of the block for her to keep, because she's giving the quilt as a gift. I hope she like it! :)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh I know that voice, she's a right pain, isn't she!! You do right to banish her!
Love the bag with spotty yellow lining. :)
Vivienne x

Hannah said...

Everyone has that voice, but any time you start hearing it, jsut remember that I LOVE your bags =P x

Anonymous said...

Lol, that voice kept telling me I couldn't edit my book on time (Thanks for your help). I am proud and relieved this Thur. One thing off my list.

April said...

Amen, girlfriend!