Tuesday, October 18, 2011


Some days you just feel like your coming unstacked. This week has been super busy and it's only Tuesday. With the holidays right around the corner I'm trying to get somethings in order. Organization is key. These lovable children of mine need some attention, along with some custom order snack bags I've been making. Good news is I have some fun crafty things that I will be able to show you sometime next week. This week is just ...well...hectic :)


Vintage Market Place said...

You sound just like what is going on around here!
Good luck with it all!

Jenniffer said...

Hi Amanda- We are so there with you this week too. I hope you are able to stay peaceful amid the chaos. Very cute picture!

Emma Thomsen said...

With Half Term round the corner (again), I think we're pretty much feeling the same way! See you the other side.

Ina said...

Yep, some weeks are just that way. Don't lose your head. ;0 Hey, did you change your blog header? I like it! ;0

greenrabbitdesigns said...

That's just the way some weeks are, Amanda!
Love your Russian dolls, one of my daughters favourite things. :)
Vivienne x