Thursday, October 27, 2011

With the first snow fall right around the corner, literally, the zinnias that were in my garden got clipped. Happy go lucky Mr. Grasshopper was hanging on for dear life to one of the flowers. It wasn't until my surprise when I started to trim the flower for the vase that I noticed him. There was a bit of a scramble to get him out the door before he hopped away or Buster decided he was a tasty snack. I told you he was lucky.
Flowers on the kitchen windowsill always make you smile. They don't have to be purchased at some fancy florist or perfect. The best are small clovers picked from the kids or weather beaten flowers from the garden. We have a small collection of leaves hanging around for Damien's school project, along with Odyn's rock collection, and Aries decided to pick some wheat looking grass along with some pine cones the other day. It all sounds like a fine looking wreath for our door to me :).

Slowly the list I created at the beginning of the week is getting done. Including Aries' Dorothy costume. Sorry the last picture is blurry but unprompted the comedian who likes to keep up with the boys (just look at her bruises, scraped, dirty little legs) decided to do this cat model pose. It was all I could do from bursting into laughter when she did the "meowwww" to go with it. Notice the front of the ruby slippers are losing their glitter and redness, it's only because she needs to wear them everywhere - Grocery store? Yup! School? Oh yes! To sleep? I have had to take them off while she slept!
I didn't use a pattern to sew it up - just decided to clip, cut, and sew it. Surprisingly my measurements seem to be just right - a little high on the sides but more than likely the chilly night air will be a factor. Dorothy had to wear tights sometime right?!


Jenniffer said...

Your kitchen windowsill looks so cute. Love the curtains with pom-poms- I had some like that in my bedroom window growing up.

Costume looks great. Love the cat pose. :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog always brings a smile. Thanks

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Absolutely, I'm quite sure Dorothy wore tights! ;)
I have to say looking at your kitchen window it actually looks springlike!
Have a great weekend Amanda,
Vivienne x