Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Halloween That Wasn't

This year our Halloween plans didn't go as usual. As pretty as this picture is, I was cursing the snow on Saturday. Noreasters, large snow storms, and low temperatures are a normal thing around these parts. In October not so normal and couple that with large widespread power outages ... really really not normal. So on Saturday, the hubby and I were talking about our plans for the weekend. That day was suppose to be our busiest ... a fun hayride, pumpkin picking, ghost stories, face painting, and apple cider were all scheduled in the morning at the Little Goblins Halloween Party at R Farm in town and later that night a political Steak Dinner. Crossing our fingers that the white stuff wouldn't start falling until later that night, we were shocked to see it around lunch time. Our holiday festivities were cancelled. Not to worry all was well, we thought, as we gathered our snacks and decided it was a movie night. Until the lights starting going on and off. OH NO! They stayed out. Looking at each other Rob and I were starting to get Hurricane Irene flashbacks. With a sudden realization that without power meant we were without heat we packed  the kids up and headed to my mother's house. Huddled by the wood stove we pretended it was like the pioneer days but the kids just weren't having it. 
The next day started with 2 exhausted cranky parents. Our political dinner was rescheduled to this day and we prepared the best we could. Luckily the generator was started and a hot shower washed away some of my mood. We all had fun at the dinner, meeting local residents. Damien was excited about the raffle proclaiming we would win and that we did ....5 times. Sharing out wealth I went over to another table and handed them a winning ticket. With our goodies in tow I prayed we would come home to power. Chanting all the way home " We will have power We will have power" and saying "Bam they have power" to every house we saw with lights. All that positive energy must have worked because the lights at our house were on! Thank goodness because I don't think I could take another pioneer night. We were the lucky ones. There are still 700,000 or more Connecticut people without power. Monday school was cancelled and so was our Halloween as my in-laws are still without power. Odyn's costume never got completed with all the craziness. So we did the next best thing. Hopping in the car we went to the store and let each kid pick out a big bag of candy all their own. Even though this was the Halloween that wasn't we still feel thankful for all that we have.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Oh dear your weather has taken a turn for the worst!!
Such a shame the kids Halloween wasn't what it should have been.
Vivienne x

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the pioneer days are over, good times my butt. I also love having white teeth to smile with. Thanks for the smile. :)

Jenniffer said...

Wow- a white Halloween, imagine that!
So glad you have power again- and HEAT!
That is some crazy weather you guys have had!

Claire said...

Hey Amanda, an interesting couple of days.....snow in October, wow...beautiful pics I must say.

We have a wood stove and wood heater, so we are pretty right if the power does go, which fortunately doesn't happen very often. But when it does I'm very thankful that we can still make a cuppa and cook.
Good you could go stay at your mum's for the night and a hot shower definitely makes things seem better.

Claire :}

Anonymous said...

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amy said...

oy! what a great idea you had letting the kids pick out a bag of candy. I feel bad for all those kids out there who missed trick or treating. Some of my family are still without power. Good for you keeping you spirits up... and good luck Tuesday! xo amy