Saturday, September 3, 2011

There is Finally Light at the End of my Tunnel

After 6 days of no power, no water, moody children, and a BIG dog afraid of the dark I can finally take a breath. This morning at 9:36am the power was restored. Now comes the clean up - dishes, laundry, fridge (YUCK), and toilets need a good scrubbing.
Without power you find a way to entertain yourself. Luckily for us my mom and her husband Eric have a generator, so most nights were spent up there. Breaking out the old craft books that show you how to do anything, even how to make rugs, it seemed like the perfect time to try my hand at knitting. Now with power, I can actually watch some videos to see if I am doing it correctly.

One thing is for sure - no peanut butter and fluff sandwiches tonight!


Jenniffer said...

Whoa- that's a long time without power and water. Glad you guys survived, and how nice to have your mom (and her generator) nearby! At least you made the time worthwhile- yea for knitting!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Lovely to have you back Amanda! I was wondering if the hurricane was the cause of your disappearance!
Vivienne x

Diane Mars said...

Beautiful Blog I have enjoyed my visit I am now your newest follower~ Hugs, Diane

sew nancy said...

Knitting and embroidery are perfect for those days of no power. We had a tough time in NJ. Our water is now safe but we don't have hot water and lost our washer- dryer.
Nice to find your blog.