Friday, September 16, 2011

Focus on Happy

After a very long and not so great week, including one call from the principal and a note from the music teacher I decided I needed some happy. Looking at Micaela's Friday posts always make me happy. So being the positive Polly that I am why not focus on the happy things this week.
Emma is having a lovely giveaway over at her blog. Digging through my collection of buttons, both old and new, and picking out some of favorites really brought a smile to my face. I have plans for those little wooden squirrel buttons but I may need to practice my knitting a little more. 
Also some happy this week is more great things going into my shop. Including snowflake garlands like the ones I had last year. Crocheting away most nights on the couch has made my snowflake pile grow and grow. Not that I am expecting or wanting snow anytime soon, but creating always makes me happy. 
So what brought a smile to your face this week?


Anonymous said...

LOL, now I am smiling. I forgot to read your blog this week. Glad I did.

Jenniffer said...

A ditto on it being a difficult week. My happy this week would be it getting cool enough to actually do some baking- banana bread. It only lasted about ten minutes. Have a lovely weekend.

Carole said...

Almost feels like its snowflake time, the weather surely has changed. Not complaining I'm enjoying the cool nights. I guess I would say that has made me happy this week!


Anonymous said...

What gorgeous buttons! My "happy" this weekend was the gorgeous, crispy fall weather and a family gathering I had on Saturday. Definitely brought a smile to my face. :-) XO Helena

sew nancy said...

I love buttons too. You have some really pretty ones.
Hope you have a better week and I'm off to check out your Etsy Shop.