Monday, September 12, 2011

Dainty Winter Scarf

My first knitted piece is a scarf for Ms. Aries. When beginning to knit I didn't check to see how much I had of a certain yarn or use any pattern - just picked up what I had and practiced knit and purl stitches. It was only after I had gotten these stitches down and how to rotate between them that I realized I didn't want to waste what I had began to create.
With my yarn ball (Sugar and Cream: Pastel Delight 00158) slowly getting more and more depleted as I moved the needles, it was time for more yarn. Using my trusty friend the internet I typed the yarn name into the computer ... and without fail you can only order it online.
It was not long enough for scarf or pretty enough to make into a neck warmer for myself (I don't really think Aries would go for the whole neck warmer thing). After trying it on Aries a couple of times I decided that it would be a scarf... with a few tweaks. Looking at my pile of doilies and box of beads I got to work.
Now it's long enough to wrap around Aries. Plus the dainty chic quality of it just makes it even more special. Doing a happy scarf dance this morning and posing for pictures (including funny faces) I could tell I was not the only one that was happy I learnt how to knit.


Jenniffer said...

Amanda- that is brilliant! I love the addition of doilies and beads. Your model is pretty cute, too!

Prairie Rose said...

Looks awesome!!
And so adorable on your wee one;)

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

This is beyond lovely!

My Sweet Prairie said...

Sweet!!! ; )

Micaela said...

Amanda, it's GORGEOUS!!!! of course your model doesn't hurt ;) but i am beyond amazed at your talent-- you just keep perfecting it <3 to that extent, i am IN LOVE with my re-usuable snack bag. iN LOVE. <3

and for the extra, you have more of my heart than ever. you are the sweetest friend a girl could have and I'm so glad to know you. xoxo

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Good for you Amanda, the little scarf looks great! :)
Vivienne x