Sunday, November 6, 2011

Drum Roll

And the lucky winner of my new shop, Print Me Out, digital tags is........................


Congrats! If you haven't visited Vivienne's blog please do so. Her knitting skills are amazing and in fact her work inspires me so much, along with her kind words that I did a lovely blog post about this dear blogging friend. Some people just touch your soul and warm your heart. Vivienne is one of those wonderful ladies who does just that. So congrats congrats congrats!

Things are doing okay on the political front here. It really makes you aware of what politicians go through. Let's just say I am okay with just being a part of local politics :) So if I'm absent a little bit it's because I'm waving signs and reminding people to vote... I will be back soon I promise.

1 comment:

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Awe,thank you so much lovely lady!
I am so pleased to win the beautiful tags, they are ever so pretty, I'm very lucky. :)
The best of wishes for the election, if I had a vote I'd vote for you!!
Thanks again for your kindness,
Vivienne x