Saturday, December 11, 2010

Handmade Crafts Blog Tour: Green Rabbit Designs

We have reached the final blog on this first round of Handmade Crafts Blog Tour. This next blog is a holiday surprise to my friend Vivienne. She didn't know she was going to be featured but she is such a talented artist and dear friend. She always comments and takes interest in others that I had to pay it forward to her. Her blog, Green Rabbit Designs, is filled with her beautiful hand knitted and crocheted items, as well as pictures of her wonderful home of Northern Ireland.
Vivienne makes the best hand knitted bags and I mean the BEST! It was really hard for me to choose a picture of just one to show you. I could make a whole parade of pictures but I figured you can always go to her blog and see for yourself. Plus she even sells them in her shop. I think they would make the cutest present for the holidays or even for a birthday.
If blogs ever get smelling capabilities I would always go to Vivienne's blog. Her pictures of the flowers that come out of her greenhouse make you literally want to smell your computer screen. They are breathtakingly beautiful. I would love to jump on a jet, fly over, have a cup of tea and crochet with her outside in the park, even if it's  -12deg c.
So do yourself a favor and travel to Ireland today by visiting Green Rabbit Designs. Call it a holiday vacation from me to you :)! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and Vivienne I hope you like the surprise post.
(All photos are courtesy of Green Rabbit Designs - Please ask before using them - even though I didn't and broke my own rule - don't let me be a poor example).


Anonymous said...

Aww Amanda, you're such a sweetheart! What a lovely thing to do. You've been so kind and you're welcome anytime for a cup of tea. We could go for a walk in the park, you'd love it!
Thanks again ever so much!!
Vivienne xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT! Thanks for the vacation idea. I needed one, even if it is virtual. It did the trick. Beautiful things I like, ahhhhh

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Brendan said...

There's something about little cute as a button brooches made from fabric my daughters love them handmade