Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year New Goals

I can't believe tomorrow will be 2011! Looking back at the year I have accomplished more than I expected, including moving into a new home, learning how to crochet, and starting this blog. I have made a personal resolution like I always do but this year I have decided to also put into action some creative goals. 
Creative Goal Tracking Sheet can be found here by My Girl Thurday

So I will see you all next year (does that ever get old?) and leave you with this question ~ do you have any creative goals for 2011?


Anonymous said...

I hope you achieve all your goals for next year, I'm sure you will!
I'm going to spend January spring cleaning my house from top to bottom and after that I'm going to focus on creative things and gardening!
Wishing you a wonderful creative 2011, Amanda. :)
Vivienne x

Anonymous said...

Only one goal --- to knit and stitch with intent --- too often I knit mindlessly and don't take time to enjoy the process.

Anonymous said...

Creative goals... always trying to be creative in the garden, and I have a few deocrating projects that I want to get done but can't seem to get started... lol!
Wishing you and your family a happy New Year!! :)

Anonymous said...

Lots of creative goals - just need to organize them. Lol on your #4 goal. Eric and I were at Home Depot this morning (like a DATE). He pointed out some materials and we talked about that project. We are looking forward to 2011 too! He said it will be EASY. I said "I'll help!"

Carole said...

Good for you! I so need to make a list but afraid of how long it would be. One thing I may do right away is sign up for an adult ed class for photoshop that I saw today.

Happy New Year,

Naturally Carol said...

Happy New Year! I am sure that if those goals remain in your heart that you will successfully accomplish them, little by little, day after day...perseverence is the key...I think!

Anonymous said...

I have a long list of Creative Goals!

Here's to 2011 and making all our creative goals happen!