Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cheer Up Winter Kitchen

My kitchen looked kinda sad lately. I think it got the winter blues. I try to keep my house cheery all year long but my kitchen was getting use to my routine dinners. "What are we having tonight mom?" "CHICKEN I HATE CHICKEN"
So what is fresh, smells wonderful, looks pretty, and makes you happy? Something that is the completely opposite of snow and winter. Herbs! Fresh delightful yummy herbs.
So tonight when I get asked what's for dinner - It's not going to be routine auto mode mom. Tonight we are going to wake up our senses, feel a little spring summer action. Hopefully just enough to get us through these cold winter nights :)


Anonymous said...

'Spring summer action' sounds good to me Amanda!
Vivienne x

Anonymous said...

I must have been feeling the same way only I made fruit salad, at home and at work.

Anonymous said...

The herbs look beautiful in your kitchen... all cheered up! :)