Monday, December 6, 2010

Handmade Crafts Blog Tour: Chocolate Mints in a Jar

The next stop on our Handmade Crafts Blog Tour is the C side of me (C stands for crafty). Her site is Chocolate Mints in a Jar. It's looks as delicious as it sounds!

The site is filled with great instructions on how to make crochet bags, open toe crochet sandals, and pictures of her sewing projects. I think I might need to try the sandals - all my little monkeys love to walk barefoot just like her daughter does.

So without further adieu here is the C side of me telling it in her own words:

 Why do you blog?
I like sharing what I do and posting tutorials and patterns 

What crafts do you like to do?
At the moment I crochet, knit and sew

Do you sell your crafts online, in a store, or are they just for you? If you do sell them for others - where can one purchase them?
I only sell patterns at the moment on ravelry and etsy and

 What is your favorite blog to read?
I have lots of favorite blogs actually that are so awesome, I couldn't possibly pick one.

What is on your wish list for the Holidays?
An IPad :-)

Where do you get your inspiration from?
Everywhere, I sometimes do random searches on google images or flickr to get inspired by different colors and shapes

If you can meet one blogger and spend a day with them who would they be and why?

Kirsty from Kootoyoo I love how she dabbles in different crafts and all in good spirit and lots of fun

Is there any crafts you would like to learn how to do or have taught yourself to do?
I would absolutely love to learn silver smithing and a little carpentry and wood carving.

I want to thank you for being part of my blog tour!! 
Thank you for letting me be a part of it too. The best thing about the craft blogging community is how friendly everyone is. You get to meet lots of interesting and amazingly talented people that can inspire you

So go check out Chocolate Mints in a Jar - tell her I said HI :) and if interested in her patterns make sure to stop by one of her shops. I promise it will make you hungry for crafting!

(all pictures are courtesy of Chocolate Mints in a Jar - and like all pictures used in this tour ~ please ask the owner of the photos for permission to use them. Thanks)


All So Cute said...

I`ve just returned visiting her site :) She is so talented :)

Anonymous said...

Love that little green crochet bag! :)
Vivienne x

Anonymous said...

I love the little green crochet bag too. I am too lazy to crochet. Good thing I know others who I can pay. :)

silverpebble said...

I can hardly get over those little shoes.

Anonymous said...

I love those little shoes! I'm trying to follow the blog but my computer is acting up and won't let me do it. I'll keep trying. I definetley don;t want to miss out on this one!