Thursday, December 2, 2010

Handmade Craft Blog Tour: All So Cute

Our first stop on the blog tour is All So Cute. Like the name suggests everything this lovely blogger makes is super cute. She even warns you on her page. Seren lives and blogs from Istanbul, Turkey. Her blog features the lovely items she makes which is mostly crochet and knitted items that are full of personality. 

Being a blogger who just learnt how to crochet I was shocked to learn this: "My father taught me crocheting when I was 5 and I never looked back. I find it very addictive and relaxing."  Seren, I agree it is very addicting.

She also states, " I enjoy bringing my craft to you and hope it touches your heart and brings a smile to your face." I must confess her items did just that :)! See I'm even smile typing.

So pay it forward and stop by All So Cute. If interested in purchasing Seren's handmade goodness stop by her shop . Happy Blogging!!! 

(all pictures are courtesy of All So Cute - and like all pictures used in this tour ~ please ask the owner of the photos for permission to use them. Thanks)


Anonymous said...

I've had a look Amanda, you're right it is 'All So Cute'! :)
Vivienne x

All So Cute said...

awww, what a post :) I`m so happy now, thank you for this awesome post. :)


All so cute is really sooo cuteee!
Congratulations for this idea!

Anne - Fiona and Twig said...

Seren's creations are just darling, so great of you to pay it forward here!

Big hugs,

tinajo said...

Nice - I´ll check out the blog! :-)