Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Handmade Crafts Blog Tour: Leona's Quilting Adventure

Another wonderful day another wonderful blog on the tour. I have been featuring a bit of crochet blogs lately so to take a different turn we are visiting Leona's Quilting Adventure. As you can guess this is a quilting blog but it's also so much more.

She shares fabric she is collecting, her daily life, and a fun giveaway once a month. I enjoyed just going back in her blog and looking at all the wonderful quilt patterns she has tried and the great fabric choices.

I was very impressed with this baby quilt. She made it in one day! That is absolutely amazing to me. If you like free quilting patterns she has them.

I also love the fact that she shares her sewing room with you! I love looking at the spaces we create in. It really does give you a sense of the creator and the things that inspire them. Her room is so organized and a pretty pink  that would spark the imagination.

She also has a wonderful link on her site about Paying it Forward. As you all are probably aware, I am a full believer in paying it forward. So please stop by this lovely woman's blog and read more about her. I'm sure she will touch your heart like she did mine.

(all pictures are courtesy of Leona's Quilting Adventure - and like all pictures used in this tour ~ please ask the owner of the photos for permission to use them. Thanks)


Quilting Mom said...

Thank you for the wonderful post!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Off to check out her blog, I'm a big fan of paying it forward as well!

Kate said...

I have an owl fan here who would love all those owl fabrics. I can't believe she made that quilt in a day. Those quilters amaze me.

LISA said...

I love the fabrics in this quilt, very nice together.