Friday, November 4, 2011

Easily Distracted

Wishing and hoping to get back into my crafty zone real soon. Lately I've had other responsibilities that require my attention. Crossing my fingers and thinking positive thoughts for Voting day on Tuesday. The whole thing has my stomach in knots. That is why I am trying really hard to easily distract myself at night ...but my mind always goes where it shouldn't. 

**Just a reminder to everyone that my tags give away for my Print Me Out shop is ending soon...really soon :) You still have a chance though!! Visit here to enter.**


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Hope it all goes well for you next week, in the meantime have a relaxing weekend!
Vivienne x

Jenniffer said...

Wishing you good luck on Tuesday! I totally admire you for stepping out and giving it a try!

Diane Mars said...

Good luck, your photos are very inspiring, I bet you have everything go so positive this next week! Hugs, Diane

Lesley's Girls said...

I absolutely love your blog.. the pictures of your crafty zone look so like my sisters room, I suspect all crafty people are the same. Have a look at this and you'll see what I mean (although the photography isn't as impressive!)

Prairie Rose said...

Such lovely,crafty photos!