Thursday, January 24, 2013

Day Dreaming of Wildflowers

Winter Focus
Spring Focus
It's so bitterly cold outside. In fact it's making me want to hibernate in a large pile of quilts with fuzzy socks on and do nothing else. This week has gone by in a blink with little to show for it except for messy bed hair. 
While I could focus on the impending snow fall - I'm trying instead to dream of wildflowers. Cottage garden plans for this old place, with scattered potted flowers, and a willow stick arbor. 
Those plans will have to be put on hold for a bit. We have birthdays galore to celebrate this week. My mom's birthday is today and Aries is turning 6 on Saturday. When she said she wanted a snow white birthday I'm not so sure she had actual white snow in mind. Tomorrow there is a cake to start, Sunday a party to through, and then pictures to share.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

I'm dreaming of flowers too!
Happy birthday to your mum and Aries. :)
V xxx

Lola Nova said...

We have it cold here too and playing in the garden seems such a long way off. Happy birthdays to all and have a lovely weekend!!

Jenniffer said...

Gorgeous book!
I hope all the celebrations go off without a hitch!

vintage grey said...

Looking forward to spring and all the pretty flowers! Have fun celebrating birthdays!! xo Heather

Micaela said...

I hope your Momma and Aries had wonderful birthday celebrations!!! Knowing you, I bet they did ;) I can not wait to see the photos!

If I could box up spring for you, I would <3

a view from a brown dog said...

Seems winter has her grip on everyone lately. I hope your celebrations were lovely and hoping you'll get some wild flowers soon and fill those pots.