Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Winter Walk

Fairytale Cottage
Ely House
Stone Pillars Cottage
Norwich Church
Blue Yellow Doored Cottage
Yesterday we took a winter walk through the neighborhood, soaking in all the pretty historical houses. The kids picked out their favorites, as I pointed out mine. While dear hubby told me not to worry about taking photos - there was still a small part of me that felt odd taking photos of other peoples homes, hence the blurriness. Most photos were taken as if I wasn't really taking a photo - spy mode.
In our neighborhood there are gingerbread pink cottages, fairytale stone homes, and even very New England colonials. While little pieces of history are coming in about our home, I've always felt like some of the houses could be related. Their stonework matching.
This of course was all an assumption, until an email I received from the cities historian who confirmed it to be true. Our home was part of the "Rock Lawn" estate purchased in 1878 by Charles B. and Olive W. Platt. After Olive's husband passed in 1883 she began developing the property - I'm sure she needed a project to keep her mind off things. Our house was part of couple building permits that she applied for in 1890. The other permits were for homes on surrounding street - that all have the same stonework.  
Amazing! While I still haven't found any pictures, documents of names and the people who lived here are starting to flood in. It's like a house family tree.


Jenniffer said...

How exciting to finally be getting more info on your house!
And your neighborhood is utterly gorgeous. Those homes have me drooling. Talk about thick with history- lucky you! :)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely area you live in, lovely too that the mystery is beginning to unfold!
V xxx

Girl About Chelts said...

What a lovely little blog, those houses are just beautiful :) xx

vintage grey said...

A beautiful walk and homes!! Love 1886 home, and that pink house with all the pretty detailing! xo Heather

magpieandbutton said...

what a lovely neighbourhood, and nice to find out it's history! It all looks very pretty there, thanks for sharing. Maggie.