Sunday, April 27, 2014

Celebration of Spring

Butterfly Whisperer
Succulent wall
Yellow Spring Wreath
Prayer Rug
Welcoming spring
Porch Decor
Farmhouse Porch
Farmhouse Bedroom
Laundry Room
She talks to Butterflies
We marked spring on our calendars and have been patiently awaiting it's arrival and the new beginnings it brings. 
The crocus's we planted last fall, sprung up from the grown in lovely shades of white, yellows, and purple. Odyn picked the daffodils in our yard and handed them out to the neighborhood girls. Aries talked with the butterflies, whispering to them promises, while Damien helped me clean up the old leaves still left in our yard.
On Easter we went to my mom's for a quick lunch before hubby had to go to work. It will be the last celebration in the farmhouse before it goes on the market this spring. A new beginning for my mom and her husband.
Beltane has begun in full swing. May day is right around the corner. The hopes of warmer days and longer nights.

*Farmhouse now on the market - click here if you want to see more info. 

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Jenniffer said...

Lovely to see a post from you! Gorgeous daffodils- and your wreath is fantastic too- forsythia?

Is that your bedroom with the four-poster? It is phenomenal! I love that look . . . so beautiful:)