Monday, May 5, 2014

Wednesday Nights

Studio Plants
Black Pansies
First Pieces
Spring in a Bottle
Tunnel View
Our Bed
First Pottery Pieces
Aries & I
Fat Cat
Black Pansies Spring
Minerals Crystals Power
Pieces from class 1
Lunar Eclipse Mug
I have the weirdest days off, honestly. Sundays and Wednesdays. Sometimes it feels like I never leave my day job. But it all works schedule wise. 
This year I promised myself to carve out a sliver of time that was just for me, get back to blogging, art, and to try new things. Pottery was at the top of my list. So every Wednesday night I go to pottery class. It was intimidating at first. My first real art class as an adult. 
Throwing the clay, pulling up the walls, getting dirty. It's a much harder than the potters of the art world lead you to believe. My first couple of pieces are the size of toothpick holders and possibly a wonky personal sized gravy boat. 
But this one class was a turning point. Hovering over the wheel, trying to get my lump of clay to go more vertical, I could hear myself in my head saying "just make a bowl already". Always being busy, in a rush, and more than likely the mom of three littles - was making me actually try to just hurry up the process, and well pressure the clay into something. The whole point of the class was to relax, slow down a bit.  
What the potters have that I didn't was patience. 
I'm slowly getting better. My second batch of pieces produced a nice bowl, a couple of planters, and a mug. The whole process really makes you appreciate all the pottery pieces you've ever owned and took for granted how they were made. 


Patty Harrington said...

Admiring your pottery pieces. I took a hand building class a very long time ago. Would love to learn to throw on a wheel. Keep at it, patience will come with practice.

Eric R Bender said...

I love your pottery pieces, and the beautiful picture of you and your daughter.

Linda said...

I think your pottery pieces are beautiful! Love all your pictures; great photography. Hope you continue to pursue the pottery classes.

Monica said...

Many years ago, I went every saturday to a well known studio back home (Puerto Rico). I took classes, booth hand pottery and wheel, with some fine ceramists. I know first hand that is not easy...but so gratifying. Wool is my new clay. Love your pieces!