Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Friday Photo Shoot and NYC

My little trip to New York City on Friday was wonderful. My mom and I took the train in from New Haven, Connecticut. We had great conversations about what this year will hold and what we want the barn shop to look like.
When we got to New York I tried using my phones map to show exactly where we needed to go for the photo shoot. Luckily I was thinking ahead and advised that it would be around noon when we would get to the photo shoot. My phone kept sending us in circles.
While walking street vendors kept trying to hand fliers to us. I would avoid them while my mom would take the flyer, adding to collection of free souvenirs. The guy by the empire state building trying to promote bus tours was tricky though - He caught me off guard and was able to give one of his fliers to me.
Even with all the circles, zig zags, and going to W 28th street number 36 instead of W36th st number 28, we still made it on time. I have to say it was fun going into an elevator and hitting the PH button for penthouse. The shoot was amazing. The loft had white shabby painted floors, whimsical touches, and a small group of other Etsians.
It was fun to see what other people made. We met a lovely lady who lived in New York who made origami, she was nice enough to suggest places we might like to visit in the city. There was a jeweler asking others for marketing advice and how to promote her shop. We even met a candy maker who shared her candy with us and it was really good.
The photographer was really nice. He kept saying things like "oh nice" "yes that is it" "love it" and it kinda made me chuckle. He took a couple of head shots and some pictures of me holding my bag (which will soon be my shop). There was also a video camera there who filmed our work.
After the shoot we went walking and found a lovely diner, just when I was about to give up looking for one. We also tried our luck on the subway a couple of times, took a trip to Brooklyn, and had a taxi driver refuse our destination. It was a long day but worth the trip.
The feature for Etsy will be in Inc Magazines April addition and online. I can't wait till it comes out. Till then I will making more New York bags for the shop .


Anonymous said...

I love coming home to find a new post on your blog. THANKS

liz said...

Just discovered your blog. Love your creations. New York looks fabulous and I dream about visiting it one day. Liz :)

Julie said...

That looks amazing, what a fun day!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Lucky you, that all sounds so exciting!!
Gorgeous bag. :)
Vivienne x

Kraft ★ Croch said...

Woow!You really lived an intensive day in New York! Your article is so descriptive that I took the trip with you. ^^
(I love the red pipes of the first photo.)

QueenB said...

Wow, how cool for your Etsy shop to be in a photo shoot! Congrats!!

I'm here visiting as a Pitch it Admin checking out your blog- and turns out, I live right near you! We're in Bolton :o)


I"m GFC and Facebook following you now too

Carole said...

Amanda this is so exciting. I never knew Etsy did anything like this and to go to the city for it must have been even more thrilling.
LOve INK magazine. I'll have to make a point of picking one up!

ps...I'm always walking the wrong way in the city too