Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mansfield General Store

Have you ever gone somewhere new and didn't want to stop at the chain restaurants? You like something unique, full of charm, yet full of warmth and comfort too. It's a little scary to try something new but sometimes it's so worth it.
My mom introduced me to the Mansfield General Store when we moved to this part of Connecticut. I am so glad she did. It's one of my favorite places to go for a lunch date or just to look at the cute little antique shop they have. 
Upon walking in the store you feel right at home. I always get the warmest welcome and sweet smiles from behind the counter. One day after going to an auction with my mom and her husband Eric we stopped for lunch. 
It was a Sunday, which we forgot it was brunch and live music day. The seats were all full but that didn't stop their customer service. They made a spot for us and offered us a plate. The most wonderful music filled the air as we happily ate our yummy lunch. We all left feeling a little bit brighter that day.
I wish there were more places like this little gem. When traveling I do try to make an effort to find them but I'm not always successful. The time Rob and I went to the Poconos we were getting sick of the resort food and wanted something different.
We traveled, unaware of where we were going, in a giant rain storm. Looking for something quaint and cute. Upon traveling for an hour, seeing a small bear cub, and in a Stephen King storm, we decided we were not going to find it. 
I didn't want anyone traveling to Connecticut to feel the same way. So if your in the area, maybe looking at UConn, the snow, visiting relatives, or our fall foliage I recommend stopping in to the Mansfield General Store
Do you have some place like this where you live? Where would you recommend I stop if I visited you?


Anonymous said...

Your general store looks great! :)
Vivienne x

Prairie Rose said...

What a neat place!
Looks like a blast to visit:)
Thank you for the anniversary well-wishes!
Have a super day

janet said...

hello Amanda,
The General Store looks such a quaint and lovely place to spend a few hours with friends.
We have a wonderful little restaurant called Forlano's. It is located in the tiny hamlet of The Plains, Virginia. It is on main street and they have wonderful food and also give cooking lessons. How cool is that?
The Plains is famous for being the home of the great actor, Robert Duvall. He lives in a beautiful old civil war era estate right down the road.
Thanks for sharing

janet xox

Teacups and Tiskets said...

I know what you mean about being sick of chain restaurants.

How beautiful is the Mansfield General Store.

We have a couple of places similar here.
I live in a country village.
there is an Old Cheese Factory building with a cafe and little shops, very rustic.
Also in the next village, there is a General Store - I have been there for dinner. Lovely.

I hate, hate, hate, chain restaurants. and fast food.


Shanti said...

What a lovely place!!! I love stores like that one!
I'm not sure if we have one here... I'm still kind of new in town!

DaVine Jewelry said...

This place looks wonderful, I will have to make a trip up that way one of these weekends!