Monday, January 31, 2011

Mad Hatter Invited

Our Alice and Wonderland inspired tea party birthday was a great success. Aries stayed upstairs almost all morning. So when she walked down and saw her birthday all set up, she was very excited.
There were tissue paper flowers that hung from the ceiling, along with keys, white rabbit paper chain, and a happy birthday sign. 
We set the tea party up in our living to make more room for all the kids to sit down. Each chair at the table was different. 

At the table I set out the cake, raspberry heart cookies, and heart lollipops. The place setting was a small clear tea cup that had a drink me tag on the handle. 
Damien made sure the jelly in the cookies was Raspberry. While making them he informed me several times how the line in the new Alice and Wonderland movie went. I think he would have said "off with my head" if I did it wrong.
I made the cake the night before. While the kids were asleep it gave me plenty of time to sit down and focus on the cake.
Upon walking into the living room I wanted everyone to feel like they just stepped into a page of Alice and Wonderland. The shock and awe effect worked, because each child instinctively took a seat around the table and waited for instructions.
They ate lollipops while waiting for all their friends to arrive. They chatted and it was cute to see Aries waving her hand around like Vanna White showing everything her party had to offer.
Our first activity was to decorate a mad hatter top hats. They passed the glitter and shared the craft supplies.
Each hat came out different. I heard little voices saying "Oh nice", "Your hat is pretty", "awesome". 
After that game we played pin the smile on the cheshire cat. My mom was gracious enough to draw this for me and help with the tape backing.
They liked the spinning around in a circle and some kids even wanted to keep doing it over and over. Most of the children at the party were only 3 or 4 so we really didn't make a winner and most didn't understand that they had to keep their eyes closed. The important part was that they had fun.
We had one more game. During the week I had made salt dough roses that my hubby hot glued brooch pin backings to. In the kitchen (where we haven't finished the floor yet) I laid down old sheets.
I offered smocks and let the kids paint the roses red. Some had fun painting the sheets. 
Afterwards I put them all on tin foil and then in plastic baggies so that each child had a painted rose pin to take home.
Then it was time for cake. We didn't have to tell the children twice. They all sat in their seat and sang as loud as they could the happy birthday song.
Aries made her wish which I am sure was to eat the cake and open presents. Present opening was a bit chaotic but Aries handled herself very well. We know she is not claustrophobic.
The party went at a very fast pace mostly because I didn't want the children to be bored. We kept things moving really well and the parents seemed happy about that. Aries thanked everyone for coming and handed out her goody bags.
Willy Wonka candy, glow sticks, bouncy balls, and compass rings filled the bags. Each child gave her a hug and was happy to celebrate Aries birthday with her. 
One little guy (Odyn) was so happy to be treated like a big kid for the day that it wore him completely out. He was very upset that he was falling asleep half way through it. 
Aries had a very wonderful birthday that didn't break the bank, left wonderful memories, and a lot of children happy. 


Hannah said...

THat sounds like the best birthday ever!
Love all the little games you came up with, how creative!!

Teacups and Tiskets said...

Oh my gosh,,, Im exhausted after reading that!
How wonderfully exciting and inspiring!

You certainly put a lot of thought and work into it all, and that cake looks amazing.

How do you top that next year?


Carol A.Bender said...

LOVE it!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

What an absolutely brilliant party! Lucky, lucky Aries! :)
Everything looked great, love the cake and I sooooooooo love the white rabbit paper chain!! Clever idea with the hats and roses too.
Well done Mum!!!

Lola Nova said...

Beautiful! I love every last little bit of it! The cake is stunning, well done. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!

Prairie Rose said...

A gorgous party!
Not only is your daughter lucky to have such a talented Mother but the guests were lucky to be at such a cool birthday party!
I'm jealous:)

Floss said...

I loved reading this post! With two boys, we had circus, dinosaur, space and wildlife themes, but I would love to have tried Alice in Wonderland, too! Thanks for popping over and commenting on my pancake preparations - I will let everyone know how they went this time!

Must Love Cupcakes by Melissa said...

That sounds like the most amazing birthday ever. Considering Alice in Wonderland is my favorite movie, I would have loved that at her age. Who am I kidding, I want that as my birthday party this year! LOL Great Job Amanda!

thewinkingfrog said...

Looks like it was a fun party!

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

I LOVE your theme. And the cake! Oh my, are you talented! Aries is blessed to have a mama like you. ;-)

JesiMarie said...

Gasp! I love this idea! It's so cute! And the pin the smile on the Cheshire Cat is the most awesome thing I have ever seen!

I may have to borrow this idea from you for myself :P