Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's In the Bag

When I found out the Ashley from A Hasty Life was having a blog crawl about what's in your bag I had to join in. Her blog is super fun and I love her new 30 for 30 outfit posts.

A Hasty Life

So without further adieu here is my bag and the contents ( minus all the receipts that I tend to collect):
**You can super size this pic by clicking on it**
1. Diaper and Butt Aid - I always need to have one diaper and diaper cream with me. You never know when Odyn might need a change.
2. A toy - I found that carrying at least one toy with me at all times can really be a life saver when the kids get restless.
3. Coin Holder - This coin purse I got in New York City when my girlfriends and I went together. It really helps me use change instead of it weighing down the bottom of my bag.
4. Cell Phone - My connection to adults, my GPS system, my lifesaver, my video for the kids, basically the one thing I should always have with me.
5. Business Cards - You never know when you will run into someone who wants to check out your shop.
6. Perfume - I tend to take all those little samples I get from stores and keep them in my purse. You never know when you might need it.
7. Lip Gloss - I don't wear lipstick but lip gloss is a different story. My lips feel naked and chapped without it.
8. Keys - Often I can't find them - but I always have them.
9. Jewelry - The necklace is vintage and the bracelet is from Esma (it says my kids names, their DOB, and "A moment in my tummy a lifetime in my heart"). They are both dear to me because my wonderful hubby picked them out for me for Mother's Day. The usually end up in my purse to keep the kids from tugging on them when I am wearing them.

If you want to peek into more purses check out Be Merry, Kate (love her Coach wallet). Don't forget to check out Cupcake Monkey tomorrow.


Shanti said...

That was really fun!!!

Carol A.Bender said...

Silly, :)

Ashley Hasty said...

Your comments about my blog are so sweet. I'm really flattered! It is just what I needed to read today!! Thank you so much for participating in the blog crawl. I loved getting to peek inside your bag!

<3 Ashley

Teacups and Tiskets said...

Keys really do seem to be a universal problem
I found mine in the fridge once..


Miss Val's Creations said...

You are a smart mom! ~Val

honey my heart said...

the toy in your bag is so cute & a great idea!