Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Officially 4

Someone turned 4 today. She woke up with a sparkle in her eye. 
The tea party and the real birthday celebration will be this weekend. Aries asks at least once day about her party and will tell you "My birthday coming up". 
She is the happiest little girl you will ever meet. Dancing and singing are a prerequisite to starting off the day. Todays song is "Happy Birthday to ME" and includes twirling and whirling. 
Happy Birthday my lovely little girl! 


Shanti said...

Very happy B-day to that gorgeous and special angel!!

Anonymous said...

I love how she is Mostly Always Happy. I am looking forward to the party. I have special jewelry to wear to it and everything!

All So Cute said...

awww, she is gorgeous, happy birthday :) lots of hugs from Istanbul :)

Anonymous said...

A big happy birthday Aries!
Hope you have a great party this weekend! :)
Vivienne x

Peggy said...

What a big girl she is! And she gets more beautiful by the day. (her smile lights up!) Happy Birthday and can't wait for the party!

Prairie Rose said...

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!
Hope your day was special:)

Lynda said...

*Such* a sweet spirit. I hope her birthday was a day of delights, and knowing you, I'm sure it was. Yay for 4!