Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wonderland Dress

         Fabric: From Walmart and Notions from Estate Sales
         Pattern: NewLook BIN 79 - 6448
         Size: 4T

Yes, some of you did guess the theme of Miss Aries party. After reading her books and seeing the movie, she decided that an Alice and Wonderland themed tea party was just what she needed. We have been brain storming ideas together but one thing was a must - Alice's dress. 

When looking at patterns I didn't really want anything too difficult. I am new at sewing clothes and really using any type of pattern. I mostly do things from trying to copy a picture or just from my own head. So when looking for the pattern I decided to look for one that literally said easy on it. I wanted the dress to be simple enough that if needed I could change it up a little. This pattern was really used as a template to cut the fabric to size, the instructions were kinda tossed aside when it came to sewing it all together. I was a lucky girl a couple of weeks ago and won a wonderful pair of Tonic scissors from The Chronic Seamstress which made cutting the fabric super easy (Thank you).

The buttons are little pink rose fabric buttons that I purchased awhile back from Notions by Polly Danger. They are a really cute touch. I was a bit nervous to use the buttonhole maker on my sewing machine, since I haven't done it before. Bad thoughts were going through my head, so instead I just sewed the buttons on and made little loops on the other side (for now - I promise I will give the buttonhole making thing a try). 

When thinking about Alice and Wonderland I get two different ideas in my head. There is the pretty, vintage, dainty, pastel, magical, watercolored, dream like story that I tried to reflect in my pictures. I think of floral tea cups that don't match, white soft fluffy bunny, and small cakes. The other Alice and Wonderland I think of, is more the queen of hearts side of the story. Vibrant red and dark black, playing cards,  painted roses, pink flamingos, raspberry tarts, and more of a modern flair. The hard part is going to be combining the two to give the over all theme of the party. 

What do you think of when thinking of Alice and Wonderland? 


Anonymous said...

Johnny Depp!!!! lol
No sorry Amanda, the first thing I really think of is as you might expect - the white rabbit!
The little dress is so pretty, I'm sure Aries is delighted with it!
Vivienne x

Angela said...

I knew it! That was my first guess! Good job, as always!


janet said...

What a lovely little dress...lucky girl indeed.

Janet xox

I think of the Mad Hatter!

Anonymous said...

I think of the rabbit.
I know this party is going to be Wonderful. :)

skrapyram said...

I love the dress and the idea of an Alice party. When I think of Alice in Wonderland, I think: I really need to read the book!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet dress! It's perfect for your daughter's Alice in Wonderland party! :)

Miss Val's Creations said...

This is so sweet! I always think of tea time when Alice in Wonderland comes up! ~Val

*✿*millie meadowsweet*✿* said...

lucky *Alice* having such a beautiful dress to wear..so sweet!

nice to catch up on your posts, hope you are all recovering well following your recent ordeal

warmest wishes