Thursday, March 3, 2011

Be Still My Vintage Heart

Going on the hunt for vintage items is what I like to call treasure shopping. It is also a great lesson in history and style.Vintage housewares give your home that special little character and even the most modern designed homes look great with a bit of old mixed in. 
Sometimes too much a good thing is not so good. Keeping all my treasures will make my house very full, which would lead me to be a hoarding show. See, not good. This is why my vintage treasures will be included in my barn shop and now my online shop too!!
 Yes, starting today (sometime today - I do have 3 children and a new puppy) I will be adding a vintage section to my shop. If you like my vintage style - you could own a little piece of it. 


fabricartist21 said...

i found you on twitter and I love your Etsy shop. I like vintage too even though I lived through some of that time in my life. I am going to put you in my circle on Etsy and hope you will do that for me too!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Best wishes for your new little venture Amanda! :)
Vivienne x

Anonymous said...

Very nice!

Aina said...

Your blog it's lovely! I saw your photos via Flickr!
Ciao from Italy

Lola Nova said...

How exciting! I have thought about doing this too but, I still manage to keep all the things I find :)