Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

It's official - I have gone off the crafting band wagon but I am getting back on.
Something I have realized the past couple of days is that I never stop thinking of things I want to do but finding the time to do them is a different story. With spring right around the corner (it is I swear) the barn shop is getting closer and closer. So this weekend was filled with fun barn business, like picking up some wonderful shabby chic terra cotta pots from this wonderful woman.
Also on the agenda but not getting to actually do it was finishing up a lovely crochet blanket I have started. Can't tell you why or the what behind it yet - sometime soon I promise. Auctions were high on the list this weekend.
This is good news for all you vintage loving folks because 99% of it is going into the shop. I haven't given up the crafty part of the shop and I don't think I ever will. It's all about balance and since finding items to put in the shop is a little easier at the moment then making something I need to go with that. Soon things will get more organized, the birthdays will be behind me till next year, and the Buster that lives in this house will soon outgrow the chew on your shoes stage.
So to give myself some time and inspiration Wednesday night is my craft night - even if I don't wanna do it. Sometimes these little pushes make us do great things. With that I have one question for you ....Whatcha working on this Wednesday?


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Well Wednesday is almost over for me now and I'm afraid I have to say that not a stitch was knitted or crocheted today! We did have a birthday in the house today though so that's my excuse!
Love the colours in your blanket. :)
Vivienne x

janet said...

Hey Girl!

After working like crazy on my farmhouse kitchen restyle (finally finished!) I am back to playing with thrifted fabrics and sweaters...hooray!

hope you are well

Janet xox

Have you seen my new kitchen?

Prairie Rose said...

Love your blanket color scheme!
Very Springy and Cheery:)
Love all the pics of the "pretties" too!

Shanti said...

Today I worked in a Wedding Lazo for my Sister-in-law upcoming wedding! it's like 2 rosaries joined together and I'm making it with silver beads and wire.
I love your blanket! the colors are awsome!

Anonymous said...

Wed.found me working on cleaning the porch. I was cleaning, but pretending I was decorating to make it more fun.
I need to keep working on being more organized right now.

Natasha said...

Beautiful crochet! Been playing with fabric all week.

Laura said...

That blanket is beautiful! Looking forward to seeing it completed!

Lola Nova said...

What great treasures! I love the colors you chose for that beautiful blanket!