Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where I Sleep

 The one place in our house that has lacked my TLC of decorating has been our bedroom. It's kinds of our catch all, which is a sad thing to say. Hubby put so much work into our lovely new floors in there. Plus I love the ever changing paint color - wake up to a crisp light blue, sunsets to a light pastel purple, and go to bed to a light moon grey.
Recently I have been trying to work on the space that would fill a headboard. We have never been able to find the perfect headboard and being that our room is the smallest of the bedrooms, I think adding a headboard will only make our room feel smaller. Haven't decided yet if a lovely little garland will do the trick -  so I have been making some and will put them in the shop too.
Hubby thinks that the vintage framed pencil drawings are creepy in the nicest way. Often he says little things like "that guy's soul is going to possess me", but personally I think he has watched one to many horror flicks. I find the pictures sweet, as the girl is on my side of the bed and the guy has a home on his side. Guess it's just another example of how we are opposites.
Like I love pillows and lots of bed linens - Rob not so much. We joke that the opposite thing is what makes our marriage work. Not sure if that's the case but I thought I would play it up by looking for non-matching nightstands this flea market season. A more masculine tough one for him and a more shabby cottage dainty one for me. I could also get some coupons for Kmart. They carry the Martha Stewart line that has some great modern and antique looking nightstands that I could mix and match.
Till then our bedroom will remain a work in progress. Which is okay by me, it just gives me more reason to go to auctions and flea markets, make more garland, and embroider more pillowcases.
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greenrabbitdesigns said...

Your pillowcases are beautiful, gorgeous quilt too. :)
Vivienne x

Anonymous said...

Pillowcase caught my eye too, and I love the garland. I'm sure it will be a big hit in your shop.

Kristen said...

Your white room is so beautiful--very serene. I love the creepy pencil drawings. I also spotted your very Posie-ish pillowcases, and have wanted some like that for myself, too! Well done. :)

Wooden Chest Studio said...

what a great idea with the hankies, I have a bag of them and had no idea how to explore their potential,
thanks for popping by and you have a lovely site!