Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Whatcha Working On Wednesday

Oh it's a happy day. Being someone who is hard to focus on one project at a time, I am excited to report that I have finished something and stuck with it entirely. I'm not saying that there weren't thoughts of other little lovely things to make dancing through out my head, but more so that I resisted those thoughts. The finished results look something like this:
The pattern is from the wonderful Alicia Paulson and it's called the Mina Dress. It was so much fun to do and was my first ever crocheted clothing item. Unfortunately I did not check the gauge - mostly cause I can't be bothered (yup I'm one of those people) and it doesn't fit Aries. It's more fitting for a little one that is 2 yrs old - Odyn do you want a dress? He stated he doesn't but some little girl will.
Aries wants me to make another one right away that will fit her this time but my hands need a rest. Does anyone else find that crocheting really gives your hands a work out? Next I think I will work on top secret mother's day gifts for the Fefes. Fefe is the word Damien came up with when he was little to call the grandmas   and it has stuck.
Another thing I have been working on is my garden beds. Hubby helped this weekend build a new stone path and stone borders. The bed that was there was more rounded and odd shaped. Plus the path was really hard to shovel and find this past winter. It looks 10 times better but now I just have to find a way to get rid of the red ants that want to take over. Plus I got the biggest mother's day surprise the other day, my mom and her husband Eric came down and did some landscaping for me. Now more than ever I want to put on those gardening gloves. 
So what beautiful things have you been working on? 


greenrabbitdesigns said...

Love the dress Amanda, some little girl will be very lucky!
Vivienne x

Anonymous said...

I love the dress, great job.
I have been working on organizing and found all three items I misplaced. I volunteered myself to make a casual wedding cake later this month for a couple that has done so much for us.
Writing everyday, and getting our garden ready for the major planting. Woo hoo!

janet said...

Love the little dress!

I have been creating aprons and working on two new slipcovers

janet xox

Shanti said...


Haylee said...

Oh my, this is incredible! I love the square neckline and the way it alternates colors. I can't believe this is your first time every making a clothing item. Geeze girl, that's impressive!
Fefes, that's so cute! I wish I had a sweet name like that for my Grandma.