Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

I am working on:
* Finishing up on my secret crochet project from the last Whatcha Working on Wednesday
* Getting ready to punch some spoons for my barn shop (I actually ordered the metal stamps)
* Eating better and exercising more
* Making more garland for the shop
I  just got one question for you .... Whatcha working on this wednesday?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stay Handmade Etsy Swap

Recently I participated in this wonderful Etsy swap. Jessie was our fantastic host for this and she paired me with the most amazing blogger ~ Micaela. Being a follower of the Dolce Vita blog I was super excited to be paired with Micaela. Her style is one that can't be matched. We emailed each other back and forth - quickly we became great friends :)

It was so fun getting surprise filled packages in the mail that were just for me. These are the items that filled those packages:
This gorgeous hankie - that I had been eye balling from Random Retro for quite some time. I am going to frame it and once I find those perfect nightstands for our bedroom it will have a home there.
This gorgeous mermaid print - another of my favorites! It's from Artist Andrea's shop. I have not found the perfect spot yet - but I will I promise you. It will look fabulous in the most shabby vintage chic frame.

Andrea was also wonderful enough to throw in this really stunning organic tote bag that has one of her original drawings on it. Of course the real diva in the house saw that it said ooh la la on it (same saying that one of her shirts has embroidered on it) and announced it was hers. We have dubbed it her treasure hunting bag and with the amount of tag sales we go to I am sure it will get much use!
The gift that really touched me was this wonderful tin - isn't it the sweetest?! Micaela picked it out for me at her favorite vintage shop. Again I knew we were vintage soul sisters because I was looking for tins just like it to hold all my not so pretty bath products in.
It matches our half bath perfectly (sorry for the dark picture - but it is really difficult to take a good picture of a half bath!) I love love love this swap. I had an incredible time and the best part about it was that I met a really wonderful person who will remain a friend for a very long time. Thank you so much Micaela :)!!! If you want to see what I got Micaela - and I know you do - head on over to her blog Dolce Vita. While your there make sure you check out her to die for art collection.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

It's That Time Again

Looking back on my posts and thinking I love everyone of them, I thought about what I loved most of all. Blogging is like a fun clique. We all share each others blogs, crafts, and life. Unlike most cliques we are open to new visitors and bloggers. So being that it is almost April (seriously?! Where did the time go?) I thought I would start up my Handmade Blog Tour Again.
If  your unaware of what this exactly means I will explain. The Handmade Blog Tour is something I started last year to help promote the handmade movement - support local people and not big companies. Featuring people all around the world, I showcased their items and what craft they did with a blog post. You can see the previous posts by clicking the handmade blog tour link at the bottom of this post or on the right side bar. So with that in mind - is there anyone out in blog land that makes a wonderful craft or you feel should be featured? Would you like to be part of the tour? Tour will start sometime in April (haven't decided the dates yet) and usually lasts a week or two. Just leave a comment on this post or you can send me an email ( if you would like to participate.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Where I Sleep

 The one place in our house that has lacked my TLC of decorating has been our bedroom. It's kinds of our catch all, which is a sad thing to say. Hubby put so much work into our lovely new floors in there. Plus I love the ever changing paint color - wake up to a crisp light blue, sunsets to a light pastel purple, and go to bed to a light moon grey.
Recently I have been trying to work on the space that would fill a headboard. We have never been able to find the perfect headboard and being that our room is the smallest of the bedrooms, I think adding a headboard will only make our room feel smaller. Haven't decided yet if a lovely little garland will do the trick -  so I have been making some and will put them in the shop too.
Hubby thinks that the vintage framed pencil drawings are creepy in the nicest way. Often he says little things like "that guy's soul is going to possess me", but personally I think he has watched one to many horror flicks. I find the pictures sweet, as the girl is on my side of the bed and the guy has a home on his side. Guess it's just another example of how we are opposites.
Like I love pillows and lots of bed linens - Rob not so much. We joke that the opposite thing is what makes our marriage work. Not sure if that's the case but I thought I would play it up by looking for non-matching nightstands this flea market season. A more masculine tough one for him and a more shabby cottage dainty one for me. I could also get some coupons for Kmart. They carry the Martha Stewart line that has some great modern and antique looking nightstands that I could mix and match.
Till then our bedroom will remain a work in progress. Which is okay by me, it just gives me more reason to go to auctions and flea markets, make more garland, and embroider more pillowcases.
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Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Cleaning

Then it snows. Yup it is snowing today - Welcome to New England. I am over the snow and refuse to believe that it is outside my window right now. This weekend I was cleaning like a mad woman. Sometimes you just get that decorating itch.
Craft room is all organized. There is just something about color coordinating fabric that is therapeutic. Having a clean studio really gets you in the mood to finish some projects.
So with a clean kitchen I think today will be a homemade bread day. Some comfort food that is much needed if you live in Connecticut. I'm sure everyone here is looking out their windows sobbing. Spring was so close.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do you ever....

Do you ever set something up to photograph it for your shop and then want to keep it?
Yup it happened to me. When I spied this cute little framed floral foil art (say that 3 times fast) I fell in love. In fact so much so that the first time I set eyes on her I had to leave her behind because I knew I would want to keep her.
I have struggled with this little corner of my home. The front door opens up to it and it's right next to the stairs.  The instant that I stepped back to take the photo an Ah Ha moment happened. For the first time since we moved here I actually liked this corner of our home. 
Scared that I won't feel this same way without that little frame I think it will remain there for a bit. Also I am pretty sure that the kids will not be able to resist the wonderful buttons and threads so easily in their grasps. It will be a test I'm sure.
I wanted to thank everyone for their suggestions on my previous post. Japan is still in my thoughts and making some wonderful Granny Squares to send to Sarah London's Project seems like a great way to help. Looking at Alicia's blog today she stated that she is going to compile a list of ways to help. So I will be keeping a look out for that as well.
Last but not least - Happy Saint Patrick's Day everyone!! When I was in high school one of my bestest friends taught Irish step dancing. I remember going to classes with her and dancing the night away. She still to this day teaches classes in Massachusetts. Saint Patty's day always reminds me of her. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Just One Thought

Lately I like to think of myself as a cute bunny just burrowing myself into my little hole. Watching the news and trying to explain to my children what is going on in Japan is breaking my heart. 

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of Japan and their families. I have been thinking lately what I can do to help. So many times we often think of giving money as the answer but I would like to help donate a little bit of sunshine. Maybe a lovely quilt, some non-perishable food, or even make an extra effort to give blood right now.  So lets spread some cheer - Any thoughts on a way to help or is there someway I can help with any relief efforts already in place?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Birthday Wish

The little one of the house had his birthday party this weekend. Unfortunately sinuses have invaded my nose and head, so it was a small family get together. My mom helped by making cupcakes and Aries helped decorate them. 
Odyn has been playing with his new toys all weekend. Glad it is keeping the kids busy as I have been doing a bit of spring cleaning.
I love the way the house feels after a few things have been switched out and everything is sparkling. Also I have been shopping for an Etsy swap I participated in. I love when you do something that you think is going to be fun but then turns out to be more exciting and greater than you hoped for. My partner, Micaela, is so much fun to talk with. 
We get each other and our styles. The funny part is I followed her blog before we got paired up. I can't wait to show you my lovely mail from her and share what I got her. Trying to keep it a secret and it's killing me. So make sure to pop on over to Micaela's blog, I'm sure you will love her style (Plus she is having a giveaway!).

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Whatcha Working on Wednesday

It's official - I have gone off the crafting band wagon but I am getting back on.
Something I have realized the past couple of days is that I never stop thinking of things I want to do but finding the time to do them is a different story. With spring right around the corner (it is I swear) the barn shop is getting closer and closer. So this weekend was filled with fun barn business, like picking up some wonderful shabby chic terra cotta pots from this wonderful woman.
Also on the agenda but not getting to actually do it was finishing up a lovely crochet blanket I have started. Can't tell you why or the what behind it yet - sometime soon I promise. Auctions were high on the list this weekend.
This is good news for all you vintage loving folks because 99% of it is going into the shop. I haven't given up the crafty part of the shop and I don't think I ever will. It's all about balance and since finding items to put in the shop is a little easier at the moment then making something I need to go with that. Soon things will get more organized, the birthdays will be behind me till next year, and the Buster that lives in this house will soon outgrow the chew on your shoes stage.
So to give myself some time and inspiration Wednesday night is my craft night - even if I don't wanna do it. Sometimes these little pushes make us do great things. With that I have one question for you ....Whatcha working on this Wednesday?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bring on the Terrible 2's

Oh deer!
I just looked at my calendar and someone turned 2 today!!!
It doesn't feel that long ago but time does get away from you.
We are praying that the terrible 2's won't hit him anytime soon.