Thursday, January 19, 2012

Baby Quilt Blocks

These blocks will soon be a part of a gift to my new niece. Being an only child, the possibility of being an aunt would only happen if I married a man who had siblings. Growing up with lots of aunts and uncles, and cousins to play with I never questioned that my children wouldn't have these same family experiences. It wasn't until I actually had children that I realized this wouldn't really be a part of their childhood like it was mine. 
My cousins and I would spend days in the dirt building finger painted roads in the sand for our matchbox cars. Some of my cousins were in high school when I was younger and would babysit me, take me to concerts, and even introduce me to the fashions like rolling the cuffs or your pants or how to properly tease your hair to new heights. When I was in high school, everything came around full circle and the cousin that had watched me had a son, and I babysat him.
Baby Denise, who is due to arrive the end of March, will be my children's first cousin. She will make me an aunt and my husband an uncle for the very first time. We can't wait to meet her, smell her magical baby smell, and tickle those tiny little feet. I hope our children create cousin memories that will outlast the life of this quilt. 


Jenniffer said...

Your lovely quilt is just what these color-starved eyes needed! LOVE the fabrics you are using.
I grew up with a brother and sister and no cousins- other than four-legged furry ones! I was thrilled five years ago when my sister-in-law finally made me an aunt. I adore my little niece, and so do my boys, even though they are much older. I only wish they weren't three hours away.
I am so excited for you. And I love her name- 'Denise' is my mom's name, and she is a March baby too!
Happy quilting! :)

greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a lovely way to welcome a new baby into the world! :)
V x