Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Taking Down Christmas

Putting up all the decoration for the holiday season is always the fun part but it's so much harder to take them down. Our tree is still up, even though Monday was suppose to be the day to dismantle. I think we may hang onto the holiday till this weekend. It would be much easier if putting it all away would mean winter went with it.
Little miss was very brave today. She had to get the flu shot - not by our choice - but so that she could continue going to preschool. The only dose they had was for infants so she ended up getting 2 shots. She went in happy, dancing about the potential for stickers, but came back holding her arm. We had to wait around to make sure she didn't have an allergic reaction, and while waiting she asked a little girl who just turned 2, if she would like one of her stickers. After going through the pain and deserving them she decided to share. At that moment I realized how fast she is growing and how proud I am.

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