Friday, January 27, 2012

In A Fog

  Today is very foggy. When you walk outside you feel a slight mist on your cheek, like cloud kisses. My brain has left today.
  It was a very late night last night, Aries had goldfish syndrome (where you don't know when to stop eating) which lead to her getting sick in the middle of the night. Never fun to wake up someone while they are getting sick, or trying to get them in the bath while they are half awake. While I do enjoy my quiet nights to get shop things done, it was clear last night was not going to be one of them. Instead it involved Yo Gabba Gabba, snuggles on the couch, and a little girl who likes to sleep sideways in my bed.
  Rubbing my eyes this morning, I didn't want to get out of bed... it's one of those perfect gray days that's just cold enough to put a slight chill in the air making your covers so warm you don't want to move. Reluctantly I zombied my way throughout the morning. Hair a frizzy messy upon my head, a t-shirt longer than my sweatshirt, jeans that are becoming snug (so unfair), and with husband and kids in tow, we made our way to the post office and grocery store. While my youngest thinks he is famous, saying hi to everyone that passes the grocery cart, I am very thankful we are not today.
  Hoping the fog will lift -  both outside and in my head - because this weekend I have a list to finish. Are you doing anything fun this weekend?


Jenniffer said...

Beautiful photo- absolutely beautiful! You made the fog just too pretty- it makes me want to be in a fog myself!

So sorry for the fog you find yourself in- many wishes of wellness and soundness for you and your family!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Hope you're a bit clearer today Amanda.
It's absolutely freezing here today, no fog just so cold.
Have a lovely weekend,
Vivienne x

silverpebble said...

So sorry about the broken night. Goldfish syndrome? Even though the result was a little stressful I do like that phrase.

Your photo is absolutely beautiful

Carole said...

Beautiful image! it's gorgeous today. Gosh what am I going inside??


Anonymous said...

What a lovely picture of the fog. Hauntingly pretty. I too have a little girl who, I swear, becomes 6 feet tall and grows 8 legs when she climbs into bed with me! LOL. XO Helena

Lola Nova said...

Gorgeous photo!
We are dealing with a bit of fog 'round these parts too!