Tuesday, September 4, 2012

7 Random

We haven't moved just yet but hopefully very soon. I figured there is only so many pictures I can take of boxes, so I've been a bit silent on here.
My darling vintage soul sister Micaela from Dolce Vita tagged me in her 7 random things about her post - these posts are so fun! Although I probably won't follow all the rules:

1. Post a link to the person who awarded you
2. Share seven random things about yourself
3. Award to 10 other deserving bloggers and let them know
I felt inspired to do the first two. So here are my 7 random things:
1 ~ I have two tattoos.  This one, that wraps around my ankle, has 4 leaf clovers, 3 leaf clovers, stars, and a butterfly that looks like stain glass. The other is on my lower back and is a daisy. When I had my children the anesthesiologist said it was the perfect marker for the epidural.

2~ In the summer time you will never find me wearing shorts.  Jeans, pants, dresses, or skirts but never ever shorts. They just don't feel comfortable to me.

3~ For a long time I moved more times than my age. Finally my age has caught up.

4~ The other day I was reminded that I wanted to wear red lipstick everywhere when I was younger. I watched this movie and wanted to look like Madonna. Now my own daughter wants to wear lipstick everywhere. 
5~ I've never lived all by myself somewhere. My first apartment was with my husband and his best friend - it was much like a sitcom on TV (New Girl). We were too cheap to buy a Christmas tree and instead had something called the Christmas table. 

6~ In school I never took a formal art class. I tried but got stuck in Art History...which was interesting and it was my favorite class that year but what I really wanted was a drawing, painting, or some kind of creating class.

7~ I like taking photos but dislike my photo being taken. I won't argue with anyone who wants to take my picture - it's just a blah yuck moment.


Micaela said...

I just love reading your 7 things!

Oh my gosh! "Who's That Girl" - me and my sisters loved it too :) your sweet girl is just like her mama. i can't wait for these little similarities and though i know i have a ways to go (felix isn't here yet but SOON) i know time goes by way fast when it comes to our children.

i love #5. i can just imagine how that was like. :) (i've never lived alone either though i've never lived with another guy room mate other than this or that boyfriend)

thank-you vintage soul sister for playing along! :) your randoms are always so good.


greenrabbitdesigns said...

So it's a case of daisy marks the spot! :)
Love those red lips!!!!
V x